Monday, November 21, 2011

Rule 3 : Live Simply

Ahhh... This is a debatable rule.  Some people would jokingly equate Living Simply as "walay panutbrush" - meaning, when one doesn't brushes his teeth, he's living simply.  So untrue, of course. 

For me, to Live Simply is to live a not complicated life, though life itself is complicated.  Huh? How can one live a not complicated life when life is complicated.  This sure is confusing, hehehe...Explaining this is harder than I thought. Tsk tsk tsk...

So as not to complicate life (hehehe), might as well tell you how I Live Simply in my own little way. 

I'd say, I live within, or most of the time, below my means.  Meaning, I spend less than what I earn.  And to spend less than what I earn, I mostly buy things I only need.  I don't buy things just because I want it.  Though at times, I have to admit, I have the tendency to be an impulse buyer.  That is a reason I don't have a credit card. I don't like to spend on things that I will only regret.  Actually, I have done this many times in the past.  But now, I know better.  Whenever I go window shopping, I don't bring money with me.  This way, I'll have time to think things over and to choose the best.  And most likely, when I delay my purchases, I'll realize I don't anymore want the things I want.

Whenever I want something that I also need but not at the moment.  I saved up for it.  So, I also enjoy things.  I also give myself gifts.  But in a way that will not drain my financial resources.   So, I save some of my earnings.  I save consistently every month.  And what's left of my earnings is what I spend on my daily needs for the month. 

I don't buy "branded" items.  Would I look differently in a P3,000.00-worth pants than in a P500.00-worth pants?  Nope.  A P3,000.00 pants won't make me look sexy.  It will only give me stress when it gets stained, hehe...

Would I look more beautiful wearing a P1,000.00-worth earrings than a P50.00-worth earrings?  Nah..I don't think so.  I don't have allergies anyway.  And these are only accessories I wear on special occasions (mostly, once a year, hehe).   And with a P50.00 earring, it won't bother me  if it gets lost.  :-)

Cellphones?  Hmm.. I've had a few cellphones.  But, I always buy the low-tech ones.  Meaning, not so many features in it.  As long as I can call and I can send messages with it, it's fine with me.   I don't like to buy cellphones with so many features, yet I won't be using it.  It would just be a waste of my money.  Besides, I'd be stress of the thought that somebody might snatch it or stole it from me.   Simple features of cellphone = less expense = less stress, hehehe...    I have to say though, my cellphone needs to be small, so it fits right with my hand when I hold it. :-)

Pat and I stopped our subscription with Dream Satellite.  We have a TV at home but only use it to watch movies in DVD or CD.  We can't watch shows on TV channels anymore.  We decided to do this because we only get to watch TV shows a few hours a week.  Sometimes we don't watch any for a week.  We have internet and DVDs.   So, spending P890.00 per month is such a waste of money.   If we see the expense each  month only, it seems that 890 is not that big.  But what make me rethink is when I added all up the 10 months that we've been spending 890.  That is a total of P8,900.00.  Wow!  That is definitely too much for me for just watching TV shows.   So, that was the end of it.   The next month, we didn't anymore subscribed.  Aside from being a waste of money, it's also a waste of time.  I don't get productive just watching TV.  It has been, I think, 3 years now that we have not seen TV shows at home.  And it never bothered us.  We realized we could live without it.  And without the TV shows, I am able to do more things that are beneficial to me and Pat.  Like...  writing this post, hehehe....

But I like to watch movies with Pat from time to time, for the reason of  "bonding".  We could snuggle.   We would talk about the movie.  Exchange of views.  We get to learn more about each other.  And we discover the similar likes and dislikes we have towards movies.  :-)

I don't need to dine in expensive restaurants just to have a date with Pat.  Watching a movie with him. Strolling in the park.  Watching the sunset.  Sitting on a bench.  Standing in the sidewalk eating squid roll (for Pat, it's fish ball).  These are just some of the simple pleasures in life that I enjoy most. 

To Live Simply is, for many, easier said than done.  When you are yet confused with what you want in life.  When you are still struggling to find your purpose, your goal, your mission.  You'd think you just can't seemed to live a simple life.  Because you'd want to have all. 

For now, I still can't say I totally Live Simply.  But I am getting there.  Living Simply is a commitment.  And it becomes a lifestyle.  And when you Live Simply, unconsciously, you let others simply live.  And, this, will be another topic.  :-)

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