I am Revilla

Before I got married, most of my life has been spent home-school-home and home-office-home. You could say, I have the most boring life ever.  I only got to travel outside Iligan during Official Business - related to work trainings and seminars.  Then I got married to a Tourism Officer.  That changed my life completely.  With my husband, I get to go to places I only dreamed of.    And get to do things I am always afraid of. 

Last September when I browsed through our photos during our trips and the many first things that I have done in my life, I told my husband, maybe I should make a blog of my adventures in life even if it already started in my very late 20s.

So this blog is all about my little adventures as I journey through life with my husband.  With this blog, I would be encouraged to be more daring in life, to take some risks, to love more, to pursue my passion, and to enjoy life.  Or else, I will have nothing to blog about.     :-)

I am Revilla N. Carbonell-Noel.  Married to Pat D. Noel.   Am currently working at the City Planning and Development Office in Iligan City, have been for 15 years now.   :-)

Update 30 December 2012 :

Been working at City Hall for almost 17 years now (barely a month to be 17).  Am now starting to make a new life for me with the support of Pat.  My new life as an entrepreneur.  This has been my lifelong dream (since I was in second year college).  ;-)

Am currently starting to put up my souvenir business (Keepsakes Iligan Souvenirs and Crafts).  I have already gotten a business name certificate at the Department of Trade and Industry and will be getting a business permit on January next year.  That would be a few days from now. ;-)

Update March 13, 2013

Have already registered my business with the city government last January 2013.  I already have the approved business permit.  And the BIR certification is now being processed. :-)

Update July 6, 2013

Officially resigned from my job at the city government effective July 1, 2013 ending my more than 17 years of service.  I did this to pursue my dream of running my own business and to help generate employment for the less fortunate.  I just made a blogpost about it. :-)

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