Saturday, January 5, 2013

Air Supply Live in Cagayan de Oro City


After so many years of wanting and getting denied, I have come to see them perform live!  Yessss!

I have been a fan of Air Supply since I was in high school.  Bought my first ever cassette tape when I was in third year.  Air Supply Greatest Hits Vol. 2.

It was 1995.  I was in fourth year college when I heard that Air Supply was going to do a concert in Cagayan de Oro.  I got excited.  I asked for my father's permission to go.  Unfortunately, he didn't allow.  I was too young.  I am alone.  It broke my heart knowing that the Air Supply concert is just 2 hours away from Iligan.  So near, yet so far. :-(

And 3 more attempts to watch the concert of Air Supply (in Cagayan de Oro and in Cebu City).  All failed.

Until last November 30, 2012.

On one of the big screens in the stage
while the show has not yet started.
Photo taken by Pat. :-)
I learned of their concert from my office mate on the first week of November.  I immediately checked the internet of any info.  And surely.  There it was.  I texted Pat of the upcoming event.  He ask me if we would see the show.  I told him, "yes, if you would allow."  And of course, he said yes! hehehe..

I was so happy! Finally, a dream come true for me.  I then started looking for funds to pay for the expenses that will be incurred - tickets, bus fare, accommodation in Cagayan, meals - good for 3 persons.  Pat wants AJ, his niece who is studying in Cagayan, to come along with us.  :-)

We had our dinner first in one of the restaurants at Limketkai.  I forgot the name of the restaurant but it serves native foods, hehehe... 

AJ and me, with the 3 tickets to the concert. 
It was a good thing I was able to have a souvenir of the tickets. 
The staff in-charge took the tickets from us and never returned one part. 
We don't know why.  

After dinner, we directly went to the Atrium where the concert will be held.
The line is already long and it was still before 7pm.  
They started to let us in at 7pm.

Photo opps with Pat, before the show started.

The Air Supply in Concert!
Yehheey!  I can't describe what I felt watching Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock in the flesh.  Singing in front of me. I think I got goosebumps. And star strucked?  :-D

Finally, my souvenir photo during the concert. hehehe
I think Pat took this picture during the second to the last song. 
Whew, it was a close one.

Another photo opps with Pat right after the show. :-)

It's a bit sad that I was not able to really have a photo with Graham and Russell together.  But. Looking at the pictures, you can see happiness painted all over my face.  See the BIG SMILE? hehehe... It was double happiness for me -  a dream come true watching the concert of Air Supply plus, I was watching it with Pat, the love of my life, who happens to also like their songs.  He was singing to me, "'coz you're every woman in the world to me.  You're my fantasy, you're my reality."  when Air Supply sang the song.  Hehehehe... :-D

Thanks to Pat and AJ for the company. :-)

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