Friday, May 18, 2012

Two Leaves. Two Lives

On December 13, 2003, when I have finally decided to accept the marriage proposal of Pat and set a date for the wedding, I wrote a letter that I plan to read during our wedding.  But somehow, I felt shy reading it in front of the witnesses in the church.  So, I just kept it to myself.  Today is May 18.  Eight years have passed since I walked down the aisle to say "I do". 

As Pat and I are now in our 8th year wedding anniversary, and more than 9 years of being together, I would like to take this opportunity to tell him (and the world!), how I felt that day when I finally decided to marry him.  Below is my letter to my husband, Pat, written more than 8 years ago.

Dearest Pat my Gen,

The day you came into my life, I thank God.  I thank Him for all the blessings He has given me. For providing me with all my needs.  And for not answering some of my prayers 'cause I know that He has something in mind.

Just when I was ready to accept the possibility that I may stay single for the rest of my life.  You came.  We got along so quickly.  And as the days passed, I know I finally said the right prayer.  

But doubts run in my mind everyday.  Fear of the future kept crossing my mind.  Worry took hold of my thinking to the point that it got me sick.   

But you were always there to reassure me.  I know I've been unfair to you and I am very sorry.  You've given up so much for me.  I just know God has answered my prayer. 

I am not sure what tomorrow brings.  I am not sure what our future will be.  I am not sure what God planned for us.  But one thing I am sure of.  If I am not going to give this a chance.  If I am not going to give you and me a chance.  If I am not going to give our love a chance.  I'm sure, I am going to regret it for the rest of my life.
For when I see us, 
     I see two leaves from two different trees, 
          yet somehow, the edges fit together like pieces in the puzzle.

When I see us, 
      I see peace...  as I am at peace with you.

When I see us, 
      I see love ...  the love that you freely give me.

When I see us, 
      I see forever....  because I want to be with you forever.

If there is someone that I'd want to grow old with, I want him to be you.

I love you.
                                                       Binky, your Baks   :-)

Happy anniversary to my one and only love of my life.  my only gen.  my only pat.  I love you very much. muah!   I look forward to more years with you.    :-)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Naturally Human Nature

Few years ago, I read about an ingredient in shampoos and soaps that is harmful to the human body.  This ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate, makes the lather in shampoos and soaps.  Since that time, I tried finding other shampoos that does not have this ingredient.  Unfortunately, all of the shampoos I've looked into have it.

But last year, I was introduced to  a company that manufactures natural/ organic beauty products.  During the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2012, one of the speakers, Ms. Anna Oposa, talked about her being an ambassador of the Human Heart Nature company, being an advocate for sustainable lifestyle.  So, when I got home, I checked the website of Human Heart Nature

After reading their profile, I fell in love with the company.   :-)

So, I ordered one shampoo and body wash (2-in-1 kind of shampoo).  Just to try how their product works on me.   I was satisfied with the shampoo.  As well as with the body wash.  So, I ordered other products - conditioner, another kind of shampoo, toner and lip balm.  I now use the shampoo and body wash as a body wash only, hehehe.   I am not the type who wears lipstick or even lip gloss or lip balm because it dries my lips.  So ironic, isn't it?  So, I don't really use them, unless necessary.  But when I tried the Human Nature's lip balm, I was really amazed that it didn't dry my lips.  By the way, I ordered the Choco Fudge flavor, hehehe.  And with the Human Nature toner, my face don't anymore feel itchy. 

 The first bottle I ordered has the rosemary scent.  I like the peppermint better.

 I also tried their moisturizing shampoo (no body wash).  I like this better than the strengthening shampoo. :-)  

 I have finally found the toner that really suits the skin on my face.  After using it for a few weeks, one time I intentionally did not put toner on my face.  Just to check its effect.  I was amazed to know that without the toner, my face didn't feel itchy.  Unlike the Eskinol toner that I have been using before.   So, I will have to stick to this one.  Love it!

The choco fudge lip balm.  I like it better than the other lip balms or lip gloss I've used before.  With the other lip balms, my lips would get dry and flaky and to the point that my skin would peel.  Which is painful.  With this one, it doesn't anymore. 

This is the box that contained my orders.  :-)

Now, I have four reasons to like Human Nature products and to continue using them.   

1.  Pro-Philippines -  as much as possible, they see to it that the raw materials they use for their products are or can be produced in the Philippines.  So, they don't anymore have to import them.  This is helping the Philippine economy.

2.   Pro-Poor   -  they prioritize in employing those in the Gawad Kalinga villages.   They help generate employment in the Philippines.

3.   Pro-Environment   -  since their products are all natural, it doesn't harm the environment.  

4.   I am satisfied with the products that I have used so far.   By using natural products, I am able to lessen body contact with harmful chemicals.   This is my way of helping the environment.  Another one of my take on sustainable lifestyle.  :-D

I again made another order just this week. I will be receiving it tomorrow.  I am going to try their other products like the lotion, deodorant, facial wash and shaving oil (for my husband, hehe).   :-)  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

World Bloggers' Day 2012

I have been blogging since 2010, but not so regularly then.  And I don't often use my Facebook account.  Only to check or read my friends' status once in a while.  Probably only twice a month. Then that's it.  I find using Facebook a bit boring.

Until last year, when I became a member of the Iligan Blogger's Society, Inc. (IBS).  Being an active member of IBS has helped me to love blogging more and to frequently use Facebook, not only to check the status of my friends, but to use it in a more fun and productive way.   

Creating blogs and using Facebook enabled me to easily share my adventures in life to my friends and relatives whom I don't anymore see often in person.  With the presence of social media, I am able to learn many things through the other bloggers who unselfishly share their knowledge and expertise in the web.   I am also able to get free access to webinars, ebooks,talks, presentations of different topics from well-known experts around the globe.  And get to participate in forums as well.  At times, IBS conducts meetings online, when every one else seems to be too busy to go out and meet.  We also save time in commuting and expense on food, hehehe.  I think 80% of our discussions are  done online.  Or at times, we just do silly chats to de-stress ourselves from work.   

Today, May 2, is World Bloggers' Day.  It is already the 3rd since 2010 and it is my  first time to join in the celebration through some activities initiated by IBS.  The theme for this year is "It's more FUN in blogging and social media".  And I can say, based on my experience, it sure is!  It's more FUN in blogging and social media than watching TV, hehehe.

Wold Blogger's Day 2012 is supported by Cebu Business Hotel and Tatt Awards 2012.  Tatt Awards 2012 is Globe's 2nd Annual program in recognizing social media influences, shakers and opinion-makers.  This year, they will be selecting 10 social media greats in the following category :  Tech Junkie, The Advocate, Indie Rocker,  Video Slinger, #Thought-Mover, The Visualizer, Game Changer, The Explorer, Stylisimo and The One.  Nomination will run from April 25 to May 20, 2012.  So, if you have someone in mind who you think deserves to be one of the social media greats, Nominate your favorite blogs NOW at Tatt Awards!

Happy World Bloggers Day to all bloggers around the globe!  :-)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Iligan Bloggers Month

I am supposed to write 4 more post about my trip to MOAP and Tangub for the month of April.  But, somehow, other things got me preoccupied.  I can't get myself to write about my trip when I am thinking of something else more urgent.  In short, I got busy for a while, hehehe.

And today is already May 1.  Wow.  How time flies.  It is now almost the middle of the year.  And it seems that it was only yesterday when Pat and I had our first ever meet and greet with the other members of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc.  And this coming May 19 will be IBS' first year anniversary.  Yeheey! 

And what's more exciting is that the month of May, for this year, is declared as Iligan Bloggers Month!  Yes!  There's World Bloggers' Day every 2nd of May and now here is Iligan Bloggers Month.  This was made possible with the approval of Resolution No. 12-269, series 2012 by the city council of Iligan, endorsed by Councilor Bayani Areola, the Chairman on the Committee on Science and Information Technology.  We are thankful to him for believing in our vision in helping positively promote Iligan City and we are also thankful to the City Government of Iligan for supporting us in our endeavors.

Below is the schedule of activities in celebration of Iligan Bloggers Month.

Iligan Bloggers Month may only be in May, but the activities that IBS has prepared extents up to the end of the year as we cannot fit all the activities we have in mind in just a month.  :-)

So, starting this month of May, IBS would be very busy with capacity building, community development and most specially promoting the best of Iligan City to the rest of the world.  :-)
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