Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ISTIV - Succeeding in Business

July 24, 2013.  The 24th day of my new life.  From being an employee (of 17 years) to being a budding entrepreneur.  :-)

5 days before.  I chanced upon a post in Facebook about a training on "Succeeding in Business" which was to be held in Elena Tower Inn on July 24, 2013.  It's a Wednesday.  I checked my schedule.  Hmmmm... I'm free on that day.  Of course!  I don't anymore have a day job heheheh....

The poster though, only invited the hotels/inns/pension house, resorts and restaurants. So, I ask if a non-restaurant or hotel would be allowed to attend the training.  The reply was, "this is a DOLE initiative targeted at hotels and restau mam".   I got disappointed.  Sayang. Gusto ko moattend.

The next day, I decided to contact DOLE and inquire.  Since I don't have a landline at home, I asked my sister to call DOLE Iligan Office.  And I was so happy with their reply.  They said that any business could attend as long as it's a related to food.  :-)

So, I told myself.  I have a mango float consignment.  And I definitely want to put up my own cafe-restaurant in the future. 


On July 24, 2013 9:00am.  I registered to the training program at Elena Tower Inn.  hehehe

I was glad I really attended the training.  I learned so much from their inputs.  As well as the inspirational messages from the DOLE Regional Director Atty. Johnson CaƱete  and the Board Secretary of the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board-X. 

Some of the learnings I have during the training :

1.  Operating a business is a partnership between the employer and the employee.  Both are essential for a business to succeed.
2.  A company is improved operation by operation.  Not one-time.
3.  A business operation should be planned according to the existing resources.
4.  To improve one's business, you have to benchmark with other companies that have a higher level of success than yours.
5.  To measure enterprise improvement, answer the questions  a) how is your revenue? and b) what makes you click in the business environment?
6.  Work smarter rather than harder.  Be systematic.
7.  People - workers and customers - are the asset of the company.
8.  Aside from the salary, provide intrinsic rewards in recognition of a job well done by the workers. This is a way of motivating them to always do their best in their work.
9. Keep communications open between management and workers to encourage feedback and commitment.
10.  Build team-based initiatives for improvement.
11.  One way to improve productivity is to improve the arrangements of production facilities. Implement 5S technique.
12.  Preventive maintenance is always better (and cheaper) than repairs and replacement.  Make sure to regularly clean and check the equipment.
13.  Encourage workers and managers to share ideas using joint problem-solving techniques.
14.  Continually measure your progress to see if you are meeting your workplace cooperation and improvement goals.
15.  Always monitor all aspects of the business - human resources, health and safety, purchasing/ supply chain, marketing/sales and production.
16.  To implement 5S, the company must have continued commitment from top management as well as involvement of every employee.
17.  Optimizing production flow will help to reduce wasted materials, time and energy.
18.  The staff or employees are crucial to the success of a business.  They are the front liners who deal with customers or make the products.
19.  Safe work environment not only reduces risks but also improves overall working conditions and productivity.
20.  A positive work environment is the foundation as well as the result of a good workplace cooperation.

It was a good day for me.  I have my first accomplishment in less than a month of being at home. :-)

Too bad, I don't have any photos of the event.  I sure brought a camera and took photos, but when I check earlier my files, I can't find them.  Then I remembered, I formatted my memory card because it got infected by a virus.  Thinking I have already downloaded the photos from the training.  Grrrrrr...... What a life.

We had a group photo ops with the speakers though but I don't have a copy hehehe...  I'll email DOLE and try to ask a copy of the photos. 

I was thankful they allowed me to participate.  Actually, I became a gate crasher to the training as it was really targeted on the hotels/inns/pension houses and restaurants and resorts for at the end of the program, the body was asked if the IHARRA (Iligan Hotels and Restaurants Resort Association) Industrial Tripartite Council could be organized for Iligan City.  But the content of the training though is applicable to production business.  It is also appropriate for my souvenir business, the Keepsakes Iligan Souvenirs and Crafts.  :-D

Even as a gate crasher, I got a certificate too.

You might be wondering what ISTIV stands for in my blog title.  I also wondered too, when I saw the poster for the training program.  Well, ISTIV stands for

    Strong Value for Work
They say this is how a business should be run.  ;-)

Hmm.. I'll definitely keep this in mind.

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