Thursday, May 10, 2012

Naturally Human Nature

Few years ago, I read about an ingredient in shampoos and soaps that is harmful to the human body.  This ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate, makes the lather in shampoos and soaps.  Since that time, I tried finding other shampoos that does not have this ingredient.  Unfortunately, all of the shampoos I've looked into have it.

But last year, I was introduced to  a company that manufactures natural/ organic beauty products.  During the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2012, one of the speakers, Ms. Anna Oposa, talked about her being an ambassador of the Human Heart Nature company, being an advocate for sustainable lifestyle.  So, when I got home, I checked the website of Human Heart Nature

After reading their profile, I fell in love with the company.   :-)

So, I ordered one shampoo and body wash (2-in-1 kind of shampoo).  Just to try how their product works on me.   I was satisfied with the shampoo.  As well as with the body wash.  So, I ordered other products - conditioner, another kind of shampoo, toner and lip balm.  I now use the shampoo and body wash as a body wash only, hehehe.   I am not the type who wears lipstick or even lip gloss or lip balm because it dries my lips.  So ironic, isn't it?  So, I don't really use them, unless necessary.  But when I tried the Human Nature's lip balm, I was really amazed that it didn't dry my lips.  By the way, I ordered the Choco Fudge flavor, hehehe.  And with the Human Nature toner, my face don't anymore feel itchy. 

 The first bottle I ordered has the rosemary scent.  I like the peppermint better.

 I also tried their moisturizing shampoo (no body wash).  I like this better than the strengthening shampoo. :-)  

 I have finally found the toner that really suits the skin on my face.  After using it for a few weeks, one time I intentionally did not put toner on my face.  Just to check its effect.  I was amazed to know that without the toner, my face didn't feel itchy.  Unlike the Eskinol toner that I have been using before.   So, I will have to stick to this one.  Love it!

The choco fudge lip balm.  I like it better than the other lip balms or lip gloss I've used before.  With the other lip balms, my lips would get dry and flaky and to the point that my skin would peel.  Which is painful.  With this one, it doesn't anymore. 

This is the box that contained my orders.  :-)

Now, I have four reasons to like Human Nature products and to continue using them.   

1.  Pro-Philippines -  as much as possible, they see to it that the raw materials they use for their products are or can be produced in the Philippines.  So, they don't anymore have to import them.  This is helping the Philippine economy.

2.   Pro-Poor   -  they prioritize in employing those in the Gawad Kalinga villages.   They help generate employment in the Philippines.

3.   Pro-Environment   -  since their products are all natural, it doesn't harm the environment.  

4.   I am satisfied with the products that I have used so far.   By using natural products, I am able to lessen body contact with harmful chemicals.   This is my way of helping the environment.  Another one of my take on sustainable lifestyle.  :-D

I again made another order just this week. I will be receiving it tomorrow.  I am going to try their other products like the lotion, deodorant, facial wash and shaving oil (for my husband, hehe).   :-)  

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