Wednesday, May 2, 2012

World Bloggers' Day 2012

I have been blogging since 2010, but not so regularly then.  And I don't often use my Facebook account.  Only to check or read my friends' status once in a while.  Probably only twice a month. Then that's it.  I find using Facebook a bit boring.

Until last year, when I became a member of the Iligan Blogger's Society, Inc. (IBS).  Being an active member of IBS has helped me to love blogging more and to frequently use Facebook, not only to check the status of my friends, but to use it in a more fun and productive way.   

Creating blogs and using Facebook enabled me to easily share my adventures in life to my friends and relatives whom I don't anymore see often in person.  With the presence of social media, I am able to learn many things through the other bloggers who unselfishly share their knowledge and expertise in the web.   I am also able to get free access to webinars, ebooks,talks, presentations of different topics from well-known experts around the globe.  And get to participate in forums as well.  At times, IBS conducts meetings online, when every one else seems to be too busy to go out and meet.  We also save time in commuting and expense on food, hehehe.  I think 80% of our discussions are  done online.  Or at times, we just do silly chats to de-stress ourselves from work.   

Today, May 2, is World Bloggers' Day.  It is already the 3rd since 2010 and it is my  first time to join in the celebration through some activities initiated by IBS.  The theme for this year is "It's more FUN in blogging and social media".  And I can say, based on my experience, it sure is!  It's more FUN in blogging and social media than watching TV, hehehe.

Wold Blogger's Day 2012 is supported by Cebu Business Hotel and Tatt Awards 2012.  Tatt Awards 2012 is Globe's 2nd Annual program in recognizing social media influences, shakers and opinion-makers.  This year, they will be selecting 10 social media greats in the following category :  Tech Junkie, The Advocate, Indie Rocker,  Video Slinger, #Thought-Mover, The Visualizer, Game Changer, The Explorer, Stylisimo and The One.  Nomination will run from April 25 to May 20, 2012.  So, if you have someone in mind who you think deserves to be one of the social media greats, Nominate your favorite blogs NOW at Tatt Awards!

Happy World Bloggers Day to all bloggers around the globe!  :-)

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