Saturday, July 6, 2013

Freedom at 39

July 6, 2013.  Is the day I am 39.

5 days earlier.  July 1.  I am officially resigned as a city government employee.  Now I am free to do the things I love to do which I wanted to do for so long a time. :-)

I've been dreaming for this day to come. 

I've always wished for it to happened.   

And now, it is finally here!!!!!!!

For five days now, I still can't believe I am finally living it.  I am finally starting to live my dream.  I can't express how I feel. Even what I think.  All I know is, this is it. :-D

You see, I have always wanted to have my own business.  Ever since I was in 3rd year college.  However, after I finished school, I got a job in the city government.  And got stuck there for 17 years.
Though, I have to say, I don't regret working in the city government for the past 17 years. 

First, it has financially helped my family.  It has given me enough income to buy the things I want.  When financial crisis hit my family in 2002-2003, I became the sole breadwinner.  And with that I am forever grateful with my job at the city government.

Second, it has helped me to grow as a person.  My years in the city government has me traveling and seeing things I only get to see in the movies and in books.  I have my many firsts while I was with the city government. Like, my first plane ride during my first trip to Manila. Then, I was sent to Australia for 10 days.  Then to Germany for 11 months, which also gave me the opportunity to visit other places in Europe like Paris, Luxemburg, Brussels, Zurich, Amsterdam, etc.

Third, I've made new friends with my coworkers and the other government employees in the city government as well as other agencies.   The City Planning and Development Office has become my second home. 

Fourth, while with the city government, I met the love of my life, Pat, in 2003. This probably is the most important of all, hehehe :-D

But as time passed, the reason for my being has again called on me.  My passion for business and the things I love to do makes my heart ache as I go every morning to city hall. With Pat's and my family's blessing, I decided to end this chapter of my life and start anew.

Many have been shocked of my decision.  They'd say, "sayang. sayang ang imong position. sayang ang imong sweldo." I just smile.  The money I earn every month at city hall could be considered a loss when I resigned. 

But then.

There are things money can't buy. 

So now, I am enjoying my 6th day of Freedom. 

And as the 6th day of July is my birthday.

At 39, I finally have freedom.

Freedom at 39 :-D

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