Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Tell Me You Love Me

Just tell me you love me
Whisper words I so long to hear
Let this time not be borrowed
Let it be ours to share.....

Sounds familiar?

Yep.  It's the song by John Ford Coley.  He is one of the singers of the musical duo England Dan and John Ford Coley

I love their songs.  I bought one of their Greatest Hits cassette tapes when I was in college.  Played it every weekend and eventually memorized all the songs in the collection as well as the order of the songs, hehehe...

Why am I telling this?

Well, last February 8, 2013.... Pat and I


Yes! You read it right.  I have always dreamed of watching Air Supply live in concert but I never thought I'd get to also see my other favorite, John Ford Coley, live in concert.

It was really such a surprise and such an impromptu decision for Pat and I.

February 8 was a Friday and Pat and I were both in our respective offices.   During lunchtime, I overheard my office mates talking and one of them about leaving for Cagayan de Oro after lunch because of a concert.  They said, David Pomeranz will be having a show at 8pm.  I told myself, "ah, too bad, I only knew about it now.  I would have also wanted to go.  But then it's already late for me."  Then they said that David will also do a show on February 16, together with Kuh Ledesma in Tubod, Lanao del Norte.  Hmmm... I said, that would be better.  I have time to prepare. 

After eating my lunch, I went to the computer to check on the information about the show.  And sure enough, I found the poster for David Pomeranz's concert in Tubod.  I texted Pat about it.  And we kind of made some tentative plans.


As I was browsing through the internet.  I can't get my mind off  David's concert in Cagayan de Oro. So, I searched for a poster.  Then I saw one.

And what I saw in front of me literally froze me for a few seconds. 

This is what appeared in my computer screen :

I couldn't explain what I felt then.  I actually said (almost screaming) "John Ford Coley!!!" If I was at home, I would have probably jumped up and down with excitement.   I was like a child given a toy she so long to have.  My heart was beating fast.  My mind got dizzy on what to do and what to say.  

Then I texted Pat with trembling hands, hehehe...   It was 1:45 in the afternoon.  Made few text exchanges with Pat.  Pat called.  I called.  We decided.  

The last call I got from Pat was around 2:30pm.  He was at home asking me "how many t-shirts, which shorts, how many undies, what else are needed to bring?"  He was already packing an overnight bag for the both of us! :-D   

Then he picked me up at the office before 4pm.  We first met a friend to give her her refrigerator magnet order.  And at exactly 5pm we were on our way to Cagayan de Oro.  And I couldn't believe how I felt.  I can't believe we actually did what we just did.  It was really my first to have that kind of impromptu decision.  And it felt great! :-)

Pat and me. All smiles. :-D 
A photo opp during the concert. hehe..

Tomorrow is February 14.  Valentine's Day.  But the concert has become the Valentine Date for Pat and I.  It couldn't be any better. :-)

Below is one of the videos I recorded during the concert.  The song "Just Tell Me You Love Me".

Did you hear me singing along? Yep. That was me, singing (off tune, hehehe).  Well, I can't help it.  I am watching John Ford Coley's concert and I really had to sing along. :-D

Since England Dan already passed away in 2009, John gave a tribute to him by singing "Love is the Answer".   I also recorded it in video. :-)

And then again, I sang along. :-D  This time, I think my voice is louder than John Ford's and more out of tune.  hehehe...  

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