Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Take on Sustainable Lifestyle

I have always liked to do things that could lessen the impact on the environment.

I have from time to time, reuse plastic bags I get from groceries and wet markets.  I do my best to dispose of the kitchen wastes properly.   But I never to do it consistently for the past years.   I still make lapses.  Maybe due to tiredness. 

However, after the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 was conducted last month here in Iligan City organized by Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., I felt I now have the obligation to really do my share in helping protect the environment. 

For a start, Pat and I, have, I think 2 years ago, replaced all our fluorescent tubes (40 and 20 watts) with the compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in 5 watts to 10 watts only.   Aside from being eco-friendly, we have definitely saved a lot on electric bills.     :-)

I have already consistently segregated the non-biodegrable from biodegrable wastes.  I will find time in December to build a compost pit in our backyard so that I won't have to put the biodegrable wastes in the garbage truck. 

I'll get serious with my gardening.  I will consistently take care of the plants I planted in the pots.  The pepper (atsal).   The tomatoes.  The eggplant.  As well as the flowers. And I'll add more.  I've always wanted to have herbs in a pot.  I prefer to use fresh herbs than the dried ones.

I am yet to start using cloth bags, instead of plastic bags, to put the things I buy in the market.  I always forget to bring one along...hehehe

Learn to find ways of making use of the old things at home which are taking up spaces.   For one, my sister and I will make a project of reusing Pat's torn pants into sling bags.  I have kept, I think, about 6 pants.  We will start this project in December.  

I sell tissue paper in the office.  I have found some articles in the internet on how to reuse the cardboard that holds the tissue in a roll.  I will then start collecting these cardboards and make good use of it. 

Me and the IBS members will be doing a tree growing project next month.  We are supposed to do this before the summit.  But with the hectic preparation for the summit, our time could not permit it.  So, we have scheduled it in December, together with the Masonic brothers of Pat.  We intend to maintain it till the trees grow big.

I have to again take care of my eating habits and the food I eat.  But, I have to say, I have not anymore used monosodium glutamate (MSG) in the food I cook for six years now.  I only get to consume MSG whenever I eat out.  And I have not drunk softdrinks, iced teas and juices for many years also. 

Have to get back to exercising again.  I used to dance for an hour every weekend.  But with the new routine I have during weekends, I forgot to dance.   I'll have to make time again to keep in shape.

I will continue to blog about my take on sustainable lifestyle so that I will have kind of a monitoring on how far I am in my quest to a sustainable lifestyle.  :-)

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