Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm Going to GenSan!

Yes! On November 25, I am going to General Santos City with Pat.

There are 3 reasons why I am going to GenSan :
1. To attend the Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0.   This will take place on November 26, 2011 at Suncity Complex.  I want to attend this event hosted by the Soccsksargen Bloggers to learn more about blogging.    And to meet fellow bloggers from the different parts of Mindanao, and maybe even as far as Visayas and Luzon.  At the same time attend the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao in the evening.  

2.  Tour the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.  And see for myself the wonders of the city.   I have never been to General Santos and it will be my first time to travel beyond Davao City.  Then, of course, buy tuna flakes to bring back home to Iligan City.   :-)

3.  Travel with the members of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc  I really enjoy hanging out with my new friends.  Since most of them are still in their twenties, I also feel like I'm in my twenties, hehehe....  My activities with them have been one of the highlights for 2011.   It would be our first time to travel together outside Iligan.  And I sure don't want to miss a truck load of fun!  :-)

Hmmm.. If I have written this post before today, these would be just my reasons.  But just a few hours ago, around 7pm to be exact, while I was still getting inside my house, Xy-Za texted me to "check fb".  I wondered what would have been posted there since it is the first time that she sent me such message.  I thought, probably they have already found a place to stay in GenSan. 

So, after changing clothes, I turned on the computer and checked Facebook.  And to my surprise, this is what I found :

Wohwah!  And I was like, reading it again and again.  I said, "Is this for real?"  Then I saw a post in the IBS fanpage by Mr. Avel Manansala regarding the list of nominees for the Philippine Blog Awards 2011 for Mindanao.   And sure enough, I saw my blog listed on the Personal Blog Category.  My heart skipped a beat.  I got excited.  Thrilled.  I felt happy.  And of course, my first thought was to thank Xy-Za for nominating my blog to the Philippine Blog Awards.  Without her nomination, I wouldn't have a chance to be listed.   And this is my 4th reason for going to General Santos.  hehehe... To be able to witness the awarding of the winners of the Philippine Blog Awards for Mindanao.  I have witnessed it the first time last year in Zamboanga City.  But I know this time would be different.  As my blog would be included in the list.  Yehey!!  It would be announced in the nominees for Personal Blog Category.  I'd like to be there to hear the announcement.  I know the chances of winning the award for me is slim.  There are so many nominees in the Personal Blog Category which I know are far better than mine.  But I don't mind if I will not win.  The fact that I was included in the final list of nominees is already an award itself.   :-)  

More so, Lai Marie's blog Pinay Travelista is also nominated under the Travel/Destination Blog Category.  So, that would be two blog nominees for the Iligan Bloggers Society.  Cheers to that!  Yeheeeeeeeeeey!!      


  1. Congrats again Mam Binx!!!! woot woot!!!

  2. Congratzy! hope you win! para vongga...naay blow-out :)

  3. Thankies... win or not, blowout ghapon.. pero if win.. mas dako ang blowout..hahaha :-)

    If dili win, 1 banana cue each with drinks.. if win, 2 banana cue each with drinks...hahaha :D

  4. hahahahaha! congrats ma'am binky!!! i-ready na ang gown, cape, scepter, ug sash ha? ikaw na ang rayna! hihihihi... :)


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