Sunday, November 13, 2011

So, What Makes You HAPPY?

This has been the questions of many to people whom they see as happy.  And it makes me wonder why they ask.  Aren't they happy themselves? Well, probably, they aren't.

So, what makes one HAPPY?  

I've come to make this blog post when one of the members of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., shared a link in Facebook to the post of another member about a "7 Rules To Be Happy"  and some of the other members gave their comments.  And then a challenge was started to write something about it, instead of just commenting on the thread.

The 7 Rules to be Happy, as posted by Explore Iligan 9200 in Facebook are as follows :

1.  Never Hate
2.  Don't Worry
3.  Live Simply
4.  Expect Little
5.  Give a Lot
6. Always Smile
7.  Best of all Stay in Love

These are, in my opinion, rules that when one really thinks about it, are somehow interconnected to each other.  You can't seem to have one without the other.  Like say, when you are always In Love, you Never Hate, you Give a Lot,  and you Always Smile.  When you Live Simply, you Don't Worry.  When you Give a Lot, you Expect Little.  

As there are 7 rules, I will make 7 blogpost for this topic.  And make it a "What Makes You Happy? series.  First on the series would be Rule 1 : Never Hate.    :-)

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