Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Third Time with David DiMuzio

I never thought he'd become famous in the Philippines or should I say, I never thought he'd choose Philippines to pursue his dreams.

I met him for the first time in Hongkong in June 2009, when Pat and I went for a vacation with his niece, Tintin, and her family and her sister, Mari.  He was then Mari's boyfriend.

And I thought that was it.   But last year, during fiesta in September, he came to Iligan, for the first time, and did some performances -  a mini concert at a resto, a juggling show for the indigent kids at the Rizal Park.  All for free.  All the while, I never take much notice of his music then.   And during his show, I didn't pay much attention.  I was instead looking at the people in the restobar.   I was listening to the people with me in the table talking.   All I thought is :  he is the boyfriend of Pat's niece.  And that's it.   And I never really got to listen to his music even with his CD available at the house.  Mari and Ate Amy even told me to listen to his songs.   But it never got me interested. 

For the past months this year, I've seen some of his music videos in the internet.   Pat would play some songs that are linked in Facebook.   And I said, "wow, David is now starting to make waves in the Philippine Music Industry."  He's starting to become famous with his "Taglish" (Tagalog-English) songs originally written or co-written by him.

Then, before him becoming so very famous in the Philippines, I got to meet him again, the third time.  Through the efforts of Pat.

As we were discussing in one of the meetings of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., what to have as an entertainment to the fellowship night of the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011, Pat popped the question to the group, "would you want David DiMuzio to have a show?".    And  I was thinking, they might ask who David DiMuzio is.  But, boy, was I so wrong!  All the ladies, shouted - "David DiMuzio!  Yes, sir Pat!".  And then they started talking about him (except for the boys, of course, who didn't have an idea who he is, hehe).   They all went gaga.  Pat then said, he'll try if he could contact him and get him to come to Iligan.   After some texts, calls and emails with David, we got our request granted.  :-)

David DiMuzio came back to Iligan, the second time, on October 30, 2011.   And since the show was presented by us, the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., we got some photo ops time with him before and after the show, and we got the front row during the show.  And because the venue was a bit small, I got a seat situated on the stage.  Ain't that cool?  hehehe...  You don't believe me?  Well, below are some photos.

Group photo with David DiMuzio before his show

With  David DiMuzio on stage.  See that lady in shorts and green tshirt?  That's me!  I recorded all the songs David sang that night.  :-)

The view from where I am seated.  :-)

David brought with him some CDs of his new album.  I thought of buying one after hearing some of his songs during the show.  But luck wouldn't side with me as he ran out of CDs.  Many wanted to buy his album and have it autographed.   So, I ended up buying the old album instead.  But it was ok.  I'd get to listen to his compositions before he came to the Philippines.  :-)

I didn't really anymore plan on having a photo with him since I already had one last year.  And for me, it's just still David.  But Pat insisted I pose with David after he signed the album.  So, not to waste time, as many are still lining up for a photo op with him, I posed.  And I was glad I did.  I get to use it here in my blog.    :-)

After everything got settled with David's fans, we had our last group photo with him. 

After really listening to him sing his songs, I realized, I like his songs.  I like the rhythm.  The beat.  Even the slow ones are good.  If only I knew the lyrics to the songs, I could have sang along with him.   And I like him sing Tagalog songs. He pronounced the words without accent.  It doesn't sound much like a foreigner is singing the song.   

Here is a Tagalog song rendition by David DiMuzio

And here is an original composition of David, I like this song very much.  
I like the melody and the slowness.

After the show, Pat was already teasing me.  He said that I've become a convert.   Well, I have to admit, I do really like his songs.  :-) 

Thanks so much David for granting our request in such a very short notice and to think that you have a scheduled show on the 29th, you committed to come to Iligan on the 30th.  We will forever be grateful to you.  God bless you always.   :-) 

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