Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rule 1 : Never Hate

What is hate?

According to, Hate is

  -  a strong aversion coupled with desire that evil should befall the person toward whom the feeling is
     directed;  intense dislike;  detestation
  -  to be very unwillingly, followed by an infinitive, or substantive clause with that;  as "to hate to get into
     debt", "to hate that anything should be wasted

Based on the first definition, hate is definitely a very strong negative word.    And yes, I say, one should Never Hate.  As this creates a negative vibes in one's spirituality.  But one can be angry (or dislike) at something or someone.  As a human being we have all sorts of emotions.  But hating someone or something is not a good thing to have in one's life.  With hatred in your heart, you will be carrying a heavy heart.  This will give you stress.  And funny thing about it is, when you hate someone, most likely, he doesn't know you hate him.  Or he doesn't care you hate him.  So, who's in the losing end?  You.  

Personally, I Never Hate.  I dislike, yes.  I get angry, yes.  Of course!   But I never get to the point that I Hate.  Hate for me is the highest level of bad emotions, specially, hating someone.  It's like, when one hates, there's no turning back.   And I don't remember saying that I hate something or I hate someone in my life.
I may dislike some people, but I never say I hate them.  When they came into my life, they somehow made a difference.  Each people we encounter in our day to day activities is with a purpose.  If we can see that in every person we meet, we would Never Hate someone.  Even those who have hurt us, somehow, if we take it positively, would make us a stronger person.  There are always lessons to be learned.

Some people say they hate themselves.

But again, this is not good.  Even the worst.  I usually just say, I don't like what I feel about this or about that.  I don't like how I feel or how I think.  But not that I hate myself.   When you hate yourself, you will have given up everything about you.  Which could result to low self-esteem.  Wrong decisions in life.  

Some statements that people usually say :

"I hate it when it rains." 
"I hate it when people talk behind my back."
"I hate it when I have to fall in line in the grocery."

And so many others.  But, I think, these statements are used most likely as just...  a statement.  They probably used the Hate word as an expression of just not liking something.  Because you really can't hate the rain.  We need rain.  You really can't hate the people who talk behind your back.  It's none of your business if they talk behind your back.  You really at times have to fall in line in the grocery store if you are buying something.  In other words, you can't get away with these things.  There are some things you just can't control.  And you can't hate things you have no control of.   It won't do you any good, anyway.

When you Hate, in the true sense of the word, you won't have Peace of Mind.  Just hearing his or her name would get into your nerves, more so when you see him or her.  You will be like a walking bomb.  Ready to explode.   So NEVER HATE. 

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