Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Kayak and Me at Lake Apo, Valencia City

After many years of wanting to ride a kayak, I have finally done it! 

Yes!  It was on November 29, 2011.  When me and some members of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. decided to stop by Lake Apo in Valencia City, Bukidnon for an overnight stay after our trip to General Santos.

I always have imagined the kayak ride to be difficult.  I don't know if I could balance.  I don't know if I could row.  I was imagining the kayak might capsize.

In spite of the fear I have, I gathered all my guts.  The kayak is already in front of me.  Waiting for me to ride it.  I told myself, it's now or never.   Hmm... not really Never, but I'd definitely ride it Now!

Alex and Lai was there to instruct me how to get into the kayak (without capsizing it, hehehe).   At first I was having difficulty maneuvering the kayak.  How to move it to the left or to the right.  How to turn it around.   And stuff like that.  But eventually, after a few tries, I got the hang of it.

Below are some photos of me on the kayak.   :-) 

Photo courtesy of

Photo by my ever supportive husband, Pat :-)

I really had fun riding the kayak.  If only my arms didn't get tired from the rowing, I would have really wanted to do it longer.   But after Pat has already recorded a video of me riding the kayak, I docked the kayak.  And would you believe it?  I was able to dock it effortlessly.  And I was able to get off the kayak easily.  And I was glad, the kayak didn't capsize.   :-)  Below is a video recorded by Pat.   I was already kayaking for about 10 minutes, on the other side of the lake, before Pat was able to record this.  He was busy tinkering with his DSLR camera.   I told him to already take a video of me before I dock as my arms were already starting to ache.  :-)

It definitely, for me, was one of the highlights of the trip.   :-) 


  1. bwahahahaha! mega eksena man diay mi ani nga moment..abi kog kang mam Binks rani na moment :))

  2. ok ra Lex kay at least dili ko alone sa lake.. nibibo ang video ...hehe...

  3. hahaha pero binayot kaayo na wave...naunsa!

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