Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rule 4 : Expect Little

What does it mean to Expect Little?

For me, it means lowering your standards of people, of things, of events, etc.  When one expect little,  there is less frustration, less disappointment.   When we expect little, we sometimes get surprises beyond our imagination.

You go to a gathering, and you imagined the activities in your mind before it happens.  You get excited.  But when you get there and the activities started, you find out what you imagined didn't happen.  What you imagined wasn't there.  You get frustrated.  You'd think it was a dull event.  You'd think you wasted your time going there.  And you go home unhappy, unsatisfied.  But when you don't expect or you expect little of what would happen, and yet you witnessed something good you didn't expect.  You'd say you experienced something extraordinary.  You'd be happy.    This happened to me during the Blogfest Soccsksargen 2.0 in General Santos.  As it was my first time to attend the blogfest, I didn't expect extraordinary but the usual presentations of the speakers.  So I was WOWed with what I witnessed during the day.   The fun and the laughter was just really great.  

And expecting little is most specially important in dealing with people.  I know.   I have this guilt with me for so long now.   I tend to judge people.  I tend to expect much from them.  And when I don't get what I expect from them, I get frustrated.  I get angry at them.  I know it's not good.  It's not healthy.  So, for some time now, I have been doing my best to Expect Little from people.  When I expect little, it saves me from the stress of disappointment and frustration.  I become more at peace, more happy.   :-)

However, to Expect Little doesn't mean to be negative or to be pessimistic.   Pessimist or negative people are not happy.  They are always stressed out thinking of the negative things in life.

And to Expect Little doesn't mean also to dream little.   To dream is to hope.  We can expect little but we must dream big and hope for the best.   :-)

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For this blogpost series, I am supposed to tag 5 people so they may also write something about the topic. And learn from them also.   God bless everyone.

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  1. who could ever think that these things will happen?

  2. while that typhoon was happening, i was still sleeping not knowing that many people are calling for help. i can hear the shouts because our place is on top beside barina-ut and I can't dp anything except of praying for them.
    I know God has his reasons of why he is doing these.


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