Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Zipline Romance

I never thought I'd get to zip in my lifetime. 

I had my first chance of riding a zipline at Macahambus, Cagayan de Oro City.   It was funny because it was my first time to zip yet I was able to zip twice.   But it was a bit frustrating for a first timer.   I had high expectation as to what I would feel when I zip.  However, the zipline was too short.   After I launched, my adrenaline was just beginning to rush when all of a sudden, thug!  Whoa.  I already reached the end of the line.  I was, what? that's it?  My adrenaline was just starting and that's it?  So, the person in-charge let me have a second round.  But still.  Well.  So, I told myself that if I am to zip again in the future, it has to be better than this.

My second (technically, third) zipline ride was in Maria Cristina Falls area in Iligan City on April 6, 2009.  Pat had a photographer visitor from Manila, George Tapan, and wants to shoot some parts of Iligan.   One of the shots would be a zipline in Maria Cristina Falls area.   So, the NPC zipline crew put up a 2-way zipline crossing the Agus River near the falls.   The line may not be long and the ride was not fast, but the experience was different in a way that the zipline is close to the water below and the current is a bit strong.  And it was also a bit tiring because Sir George let me made poses for his photo shoot before I got off the zipline.   Feeling model naman ako, hehe.

Stopped for a pose

My third ride was a different one as it was during night time.    The same crew incharge of the NPC zipline put up a short zipline at the Pryce Business Park during the 2009 Fiesta celebration.    At first, I was not interested, but when Pat and I surveyed the area, it looked inviting to me.   So, I fell in line.   They used only an electric pole as the platform with loose metal bars as steps.   When it was my turn, they put the harness around me.  This time the harness was different (I chose it!) as it is not the usual form where one is positioned liked he is sitting.  This time my harness is around my body so I would be position flying like a superman.  Yes! New experience for the 3rd-timer zipline rider, hehe.    They hooked a rope in my harness so when I climb the pole I'll have some security.   And so climb I went.   The first few steps was easy but when I got to the middle of the pole my heart started beating fast and my knees seemed to wobble.  Add to that, with my next step, the metal bar got loose and fell.  I was like - yikes!  With instinct, I immediately hugged the pole to prevent myself from falling.   A kid to the rescue, placed back the metal bar and up again I went but this time already a bit shaking from the tension.   Funny thing was, when I reached the platform, I realized my harness was still tied to the rope.  So, I thought, sheesh, I got scared of falling down when all the while I have a rope that would prevent me from falling down.   When I told Pat about it, he laughed at me (but of course, also hugged and kissed me! :-)

Pat of course was on the ground when I zipped capturing my experience in a photograph. 

The harness strapped on my body is supposed to give me a "superman" position.  But since the harness is too big for me and they have to tighten it to my body, my position looked more like I am almost standing.   ;-) 

I had two more zip line adventures.   And that would be on another post.  :-) 

PS.  The two zip line rides were for free.   One of the perks of being married to a guy working at the tourism office, hehe    :-)


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