Saturday, July 16, 2011

Close Encounter with the Bees

Our next stop from the Hinagdanan Cave was the Bohol Bee Farm.  This was also my first time to visit the farm.  

 A pose with their souvenir shop.  Just a pose 'cause the items are expensive, hehehe  

 Bee box for demonstration purposes.   We thought the bee farm is really in the Bee Farm.  But No.  It is situated in a different location.  They cannot take the risk of having all the bees and the tourists in one place.
She said if some bees would fly near us, we should not swat it as it will cause the bees to sting when in pain.

 The tour guide here is selecting a bee frame to show us.  
She is hoping she'll get the frame with the bee queen in it. 

 One of the bee frames from the bee box.  No bee queen here.  Too bad.  But she cannot anymore return the frame and get another one as it might already disturb the bees.

We took turns holding the bee frame, for photo souvenirs

Pat's sister, Ate Leah was the first to hold the frame.

Next was Pat

Then Me.   Yehey!  Mission accomplished! 

It was not so bad at all.   The bees sure weren't stingy.  :-)
After the tour, we went back to the souvenir shop and Pat bought a jar of honey and bee pollen. 

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