Monday, July 4, 2011

The Airing of Weekend Getaway, Iligan Episode

Last June 17-19, 2011 the Weekend Getaway crew of GMA News TV together with its host Drew Arellano came to shoot an episode entirely in Iligan City.  Then we were informed that the airing of that episode would be on July 1, 2011 at 10pm.   Since we don't have a cable at home, Pat and I thought of checking-in an inn for the night so we could watch the show and record it on video.    I told him we'd stay at D'Morvie since the TV there is a flat-screen Sony Bravia.   The reception would be very good to record.   

So we left the house at 9:00 in the evening and went directly to D'Morvie.  Unfortunately, the place was fully booked.  I really wondered what the event in Iligan was that made the place fully booked.  We asked the receptionist to inquire at Famous Pension, two of their other pension houses, if there are vacant rooms.   Unfortunately, again, both were fully booked.   We looked at the time and it was already 9:35 pm.  Shucks.  We have to decide fast, it's almost 10pm. We'd be late for the show.   So we headed back and went to Rene's Diner by habal-habal (motorcycle) since it is faster than the jeepney and there were no taxis around.  Fortunately, there are still a few rooms available.   So we checked in and immediately sat-up the tripod and the camera.  

We made it in time for the show.  BUT...

We watched the show in a 14" TV which does not go well with my HD camera (built-in with my Canon PowerShot SX130 IS).  So the result was not a very clear and high resolution video.  Waahhh!  It was really so ironic.    I really got disappointed with the result of the recording.   The video below is a portion of the show.  

See what I mean?

But still, we were happy that we were able to watch the show.   And I got excited that Pat was captured in the background for a few seconds.  He is the guy in red polo shirt standing when the two ladies arrived Tinago Falls and got off the motorcycle.   Yeheeey!  Honestly, I watched the show not just to see the episode but really to check if Pat would be seen on TV.  And true enough, YES, we saw him.   :-)  And it's a good thing that we were able to record it.   In case we won't get a copy from GMA News TV.  We have one for souvenir.   Yeheey!!!

 Pat, the tripod and the 14'' TV

 Pat and me  :-)

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  1. oh yeah oh yeah...

    I wonder why I wasn't able to think about check-in to watch the show.. hmmmm hehe


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