Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Zipline Romance 2

My fourth zipline ride was in NPC Nature's Park again on January 10, 2010.    The NPC zipline crew has already finished setting up the zipline ride.   It has a total of 4 spans and 2 of the spans would cross the Agus River.

 First take off.  With AJ, Pat's niece. 

Breathtaking view from the 2nd platform of the zipline.  Maria Cristina Falls looks really grand from this viewpoint.  Wow.

Pat with me.   A souvenir photo while waiting our my turn.

 The second span of the zipline.  I stopped three-fourths of the way and slid back halfway the line.  I didn't know why I slid back and stopped.  Probably my weight is too light or maybe the start/launch was not that strong.  This was sure a new experience for me.  :-)  

The guide to the rescue.

A video I took of Pat zipping the 1st and 2nd span of the zip line

Here is a video I took when I stopped and was waiting for the rescuer to fetch me. hehe...

I do not anymore have photos of the 3rd and 4th platform because it was already really getting dark then so Pat was having difficulty in adjusting his camera.   That's what happens when you fall in line at the last minute.  As there were many who wanted to try the zipline, it took us about an hour to be the next in line.   I had taken a video for my ride on the 3rd and 4th span, but it was not good.   Hmm... maybe I should zip again in the future and take a good video of my ride.  That would be a good idea since it has been more than a year already, maybe they now have some improvements.    And I'd make sure it is still daylight!  hehehe

My latest zipline ride was in Dahilayan, Bukidnon on March 3, 2011.  At last, after hearing stories from friends who have been there, I finally had the chance to do it and try for myself the Dahilayan zipline.   The Dahilayan zip zone have two types of zipline ride.  One is a 2-span zip line with the sitting position harness and the other is an 840-meter zipline with the "superman" position harness.  This was claimed to be the longest dual zipline in Asia.   

The first span of the sitting position zipline.   Photo taken by Pat

I had a kind of dizzying experience here.  I think the cable of my harness was twisted before launch at the top where it is attached to the cable.  A few seconds after the launch, the cable twisted again so my body turned around and my back was facing the destination platform.  I had to turn my body around again doing the walk in the air so I would be facing the destination.  Still, the cable would twist by itself.   I tried turning maybe three times but still the cables would twist to its original position.   Then I stopped turning as I was afraid the cable might snap with my twisting, hehe.    I also tried to turn and face the direction of my destination because I want to see where I was going.  And I was afraid I might bump into something at the platform.   :-) 
Photo by Rene Pernia, Pat's officemate.

 The 2nd span of the zip line.  There is not much thrill here as it is very short and the height is low.  
Photo by Rene Pernia.

Photo by Mam Agnes, Pat's boss.  :-)

All dressed-up with the "superman" harness. Waiting for my turn to zip.   Yahooo!  Excited and a bit nervous at the same time.  As it would be a first position for me.  I don't know how it would be.   This photo was taken by Mam Agnes. 

Weeeee!   Almost at the end of the line.   Photo taken by Rene Pernia.

 I was already wearing  goggles because before my launch it already started to drizzle.  Good thing it didn't rain hard.  And Pat was right in insisting I wear his sweatshirt because the wind was already a bit cold.  If I hadn't worn the sweatshirt, I would probably have been shivering.    

I like the ride because it was longer than the ones I've ridden in the other ziplines.  But, I don't like the position much.  It is not so comfortable for me.  My body became a bit stiff.  And I had a slight pain in the neck after the ride.  I wouldn't have gotten the pain in the neck if I just had my face down all throughout the ride.   But no!  I didn't do that.  Instead I had my face looking in the direction I was going.  It seems to me that the ride would be a bore if all I do is look down.  I prefer looking forward and see where I'm going as well as the other sights that I would pass by.   And I have no regrets.  :-)

The Finish Line.    Photo by Mam Agnes. 
So excited and concentrating on the sights and recording a video, I almost forgot the instruction of the guide before launch - "ibutang imong duha ka kamot sa kilid og iduko imong ulo sa di pa moabot sa stopper" (put both hands at your sides and face down right before you reach the stopper).   And I wondered why.   So when I finally reached the end of the line,  I knew why.   The impact of the stopper would be strong so that the body would sway.  And if your head was high up, it could break your neck.  Or if your arms are stretched on the side, it could dislocate your arms.  Whew.  Thank God He gave me time to follow the instructions.  

That was the latest zipline ride I had.  Hmm.. where would I zip next?  Somewhere more challenging? Maybe... the Great Wall of China?  It look scary in the Youtube videos.  I don't know yet if i'll have the guts to really zip there, when I get the chance to be in the Great Wall.   Well, that remains to be seen.  :-)   

A video of the first span of the zipline at Dahilayan Zip Zone.  Pardon me if in most parts I'd make you a bit dizzy.   It was caused by the twisted cable of my harness.   :-)

Zipping the "superman" style

PS.  Once again, I had both zip line rides for free.   Yes!  Thanks to my ever loving husband, Pat, who spoils me with free adventures.    :-)    (Ma-out-of-budget if dili libre, hehehe....) 


  1. WoooooooooooooooW! Spell wow... S-U-Y-A!! I super likey.. all the more reasons for Tangub Adventure!..^^

  2. when ka magTangub lai? pwede after sa MBS5 na, para kuyog mi? if pwede mi mokuyog, hehehe


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