Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Dancing Queens... and Kings

It was a first for the staff of the City Planning and Development Office to actually perform in front of the city government employees during the flag raising ceremony.  That was on July 11, 2011 - 5 days after I turned 37, hehe.  It was likewise a dream come true for me.   For the many flag raising ceremonies held every Monday, I have watched people dance in the amphi-theater.  And, I've always wondered if I'd ever get to dance in there too.   My officemates are not the performing type.  They like to dance but only in the confines of a room with only the co-workers as audience.   They don't feel comfortable with a big crowd.  So, many CPDO hostings have passed but we never performed as a department.  Sometimes we let others (relatives or friends of officemates) perform for us.    But this time, a mindshift happened and everybody agreed to finally do a performance.   It was also because of Mayor Cruz's statement that every department should do a number as intermission during the flag raising ceremony.   And it's a shame if we won't give a number while  the other  host departments before us have done their share of entertainment.   Below are some pictures of our dance number.   The women danced to the tune of Lady Gaga's Judas and the men to Pitbull's Maldito Alcohol. 

The 11 of 13 women of CPDO

 I was placed in the middle by the trainor

 The men of CPDO

Waiting for our entrance

 All together for the ending part

Archt. Balondo, our department head

Councilor Rudy Marzo, Chairman Committee on Community Planning and Development
(that is why we let him join us during the dance, hehe)

Obing, our trainor, coaching the men on the side

I have always liked to dance.  I have my share of performances during my grade school and high school years.  But when I entered  college and began working at City Hall, it all stopped.  Probably because I was not with people who also like to dance.   Oh, I remembered, I once was able to dance during one of CPDO's Christmas Party.  It was together with our casual staff who also enjoyed dancing.   Though, our audience then, were only our officemates.  So, our performance last July 11 was a breakthrough for the CPDO staff and still a dream come true for me.  YES!!!!

Note : Some photos above courtesy of Rene B. Pernia of the City Tourism Office.  Thanks Ren.  

Below is a video recording of the dance number courtesy of my officemate, Nestor Voltaire Actub.
Thanks Nes.

 CPDO staff dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga's Judas and Pitbull's Maldito Alcohol
(updated July 14, 2011)


  1. my mama told that you dance well ma'am binky! ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... woohoo! may intermission number na tayo for future projects! hikhikhikhik... *plannng mode* awp! ahaahahaha..

  2. hi lai, ingna imo mama thanks sa compliment :-)
    apil ka sa intermission number puhon, hehe


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