Friday, July 15, 2011

Hinagdanan Cave and the Tour Guide

It was my second time to visit Bohol but it was my first time to go to the Hinagdanan Cave.   The area was not really that inviting, at least to me.  And the entrance to the cave is small.  The stairs were a bit slippery.  After giving the entrance ticket to the incharge, we were assigned a tour guide to assist us inside.

The cave is small and there's a lagoon inside.  There is really nothing so special about the cave.  But what fascinated me while we were inside was our tour guide.   He was very bubbly, talkative (of course, being a tour guide, one should be).     More importantly, the tour guide knows how to manipulate digital cameras.  He was the one taking pictures of us while we were inside the cave.   And after the photo shoots, he even told us how to set the camera.  I was shocked!  The tourists visiting the cave have different kinds of cameras, yet, as I was observing the tour guides, they are all taking the pictures of the tourists using the tourist's cameras.  It's really amazing.  

 Group photo outside taken before we entered the cave 
(I forgot who took the picture)

Below are the photos taken by our Tour Guide.  

 First group photo inside the cave 
According to the tour guide this is the effect if we use "Auto" in taking the picture.

 Second group photo with camera adjustments by the tour guide   :-)

 Photo with our own pose

 Our new pose as instructed by the tour guide

 He realized we're a couple so he took a photo of us

 Since we don't look so sweet to him at the previous photo, he asked as to make a sweet couple pose

 The "Santino" pose according to the tour guide
Ate Leah asked the tour guide if a Santino episode was shot here.  
He said, "No. It's just because of the sun's rays effects."

Again for the couple :  a kind of stolen sweet pose

 a sweet pose looking at the camera as instructed by the tour guide

 A prayer pose

 As we were on our way back to leave the cave, the tour guide let us pose for another photo

 Before climbing the stairs, he asked as for another group pose

 A couple's exit pose of the Hinagdanan Cave

A group photo with the Tour Guide (taken by another tour guide)
I just forgot to ask his name.  :-(

That was a good tour by the tour guide cum photographer.  He didn't charge us anything.  Probably because we have already paid for the entrance fees.  But he did mention that they are volunteers so there was no guide fees mentioned for their services.  But even though, because of his excellent skills in guiding us, we insisted in giving him a tip.   For BIR purposes, I won't mentioned how much we tipped him... :)

I hope we could have those kind of tour guides in Iligan City.


  1. it's a signature hat! hehehe

    I can be a tour guide... hmmmm.... hehe

  2. Mao jud Xy.. dugay na biya ni kaayo.. May 2004 pa ni nga hat... from the honeymoon trip sa Boracay...og niabot og Germany og laag..hehe..


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