Monday, August 15, 2011

Videos of Maria Cristina Falls while Ziplining

It didn't took so long for me to have another zip line ride again.

Last August 7, 2011, me, Pat and 9 other members of the Iligan Bloggers Society went on a Fam Tour of Iligan City.  And NPC Nature's Park was one of the destination.  And again, I decided to ride the zipline.  This time my goal is to take a better video (as compared to the previous ones I made) of the zipline ride with Maria Cristina Falls in the background.  And I was so happy that my ride on the 2nd span of the zipline went smoothly.  I did not anymore stop in the middle of the line.   :-)

We were so blessed with the good weather during our trip.  And the water at Maria Cristina Falls was so abundant. And since it has not rained for the past few weeks, the water was so clear and so clean.   It was so inviting that it made me want to dip into the water.  We could feel the mist even from the distance.   Below are the three videos I took while ziplining at the NPC Nature's Park.

2nd span of the 4-span zipline

3rd span of the 4-span zipline

4th span of the 4-span zipline

Below are series of photos of me taken by Pat at the 4th and last span of the zipline.  Yehey! Finally I have some photos on this span.  :-D

Now, my next mission when I zip again is to do some acrobatics, hehe.  Kaya kaya? I have been awed by other riders who seemed to have ziplining so easy.   I told Pat the next time I zipline, I won't be bringing any camera.  Instead he will record a video of me ziplining and doing some acrobatic movements. hehe...   

Hmmmm... when  would that be?


  1. looking forward sa next zipline experience mam binky... murag nice ng acrobatic churva.... hehehe

  2. aip??? gusto pod ko magacrobat...while nagzipline...pero...asa next magzipline??? any idea??? hahaha

  3. haha.. la pa pod ko kabalo kanus-a...basta waiting lang ko...hehehe :-)

  4. Nice video of some of the platform to platform travel along the Zipline. Iligans NPC Zipline was my first Zip experience. When I first saw the pics of the new metal platforms I thought that is a nice upgrade. Then I read a comment that now you can see through them to remind you how high up you are. Think I prefered the non-see through wooden ones better LOL !

    Just a bit reluctant at first when I saw a pair of friends departing from the first platform, a little " encouragement " from more Iliganon friends that were with me was reasuring. After my departure from the 3rd platform I really began to enjoy it although it did take the platform attendant a few moments to pry my hand off one of the cable turnbuckles to send me on my way as you can see here !

    I wonder what those platform attendants were saying in Bisaya ?

    When this video first appeared and some of my friends here in New York saw it they just couldn't believe it. I told them, Only in Iligan !

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !


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