Monday, August 8, 2011

Swimming in the Lagoon of Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls was the last destination for our Fam Tour of Iligan yesterday.   It was already 4:30 in the afternoon when we arrived at  Tinago and some people were already leaving.   But I didn't mind it because I was already very excited to do my dare-myself promise - to finally swim in the lagoon of Tinago Falls. 

And YES!   After a few seconds of hesitation and encouragement from my friends, I was in the water.  Feeling its coldness wrapping my body.  So cool.   So relaxing.   So...  "I don't want to get out of the water!" feeling, hehe.         


We also rode the bamboo raft that would take us very near the waterfalls.

 I can't describe the feeling of being so near the waterfalls.  The wind.  The mist.   It was so great!

 With me were Jam and Richard as we crossed part of the lagoon from the bamboo raft to the side.  I really wanted to do this but was at first hesitant because when I swim, I would only move for a foot or so and then get tired already and sometimes I don't move at all.   But Richard encouraged me and volunteered to accompany me.  So in a split second, I swam. 

 So Happppy!  

And eventually, after some kicking, I reached the side of the lagoon.  Yeheeeeey!  

I was so happy to have finally dipped and swam into the lagoon of Tinago Falls.  If only we arrived earlier, I would have stayed in the waters longer.   Though time constrained, I enjoyed the moment.   It was a mission accomplished.   A check to my checklist of "dreams".   Yeheeeey!    So next time, I will again swim and hopefully, longer and more daring - like dives and jumps? .   :-)

A video recording of my very first dip at Tinago Falls

All photos and the video is courtesy of my ever loving and supportive husband.   Thank you Pat.

And I say, I ended the day of the Fam Tour exclaiming, "Yes! Mission Accomplished!"  :-D


  1. "video is courtesy of my ever loving and supportive husband. Thank you Pat" ...ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... ang sweet naman!

  2. hahaha.. siyempre Lai...ana gyud para ganahan ba og sa mga sunod nga adventures naa gihapon pictures og video.. hehe... :-D

  3. hahaha...shocking kayo ko og reaction when I realized video diay kala ko

  4. Of all the natural attractions Iligan has to offer and out of those I have been to so far, Tinago Falls is the one that made the most impression on me. Thanks for such a great presentation of it here.

    Iligan City & Tinago Falls

    Simply Amazing !

  5. Hi Bob!

    Yes. Same here. I have been to Tinago Falls many times, still I get mesmerized by its beauty. And I always like the feel of its mist on my face. :-)


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