Saturday, August 6, 2011

Anticipating the Fam Tour of the Iligan Bloggers Society

Maria Cristina Falls
I have been to NPC Nature's Park and the Maria Cristina Falls many times already.   I have been to Tinago Falls five or six times.  But tomorrow, August 7, 2011, I will still be going there.  Tomorrow is a scheduled Familiarization Tour of Iligan City for some members of the Iligan Bloggers Society.   I will join the Tour for two reasons.   First, take photos and videos of the place for posting in my blog and the Iligan Tourism website.  Second, to have FUN.    In this visit, I will be with a new group, the members of IBS.  My new found friends.  I am definitely sure I will have so much fun with them as I always had whenever we gather together for they are young - in age, in heart and in spirit.   :-)

Tinago Falls

For the past visits I had with Tinago Falls, I have never ever tried dipping into its lagoon.   Since my friends talked of swimming and diving at Tinago Falls, I would probably gather my guts and join them too.  It has always been one of my dreams to experience what other people have experienced when they swim or dive into the lagoon.   I have not dared before because I am afraid.   I am also afraid of depths.  The sea.  The river.  The lagoon.  And would you believe even the swimming pool?  Crazy huh?    The dark color of the water signifying its depth always brings shiver to my bones.  It always seems like something unknown is underneath.   Well, tomorrow will be one of my biggest tests.  Would I have the courage to swim? or to dive?  or chicken out and stay, again, in the sideline?  

That ...   remains to be seen.   :-)    


  1. required ang pre post ayha kauban?

    nice photos bing. ti reminds me to charge my camera. hahahaaha

  2. just jump in and enjoy the cool waters of tinago..


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