Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Bungee Trampoline, Anyone?

During the Fam Tour of Iligan last August 7, 2011, it was the first time that I swam at the lagoon of Tinago Falls.   But.  That was not the first first I had for that day.   It was on that day that I also had my very first bungee jumping, or should I say bungee trampoline.   :-)

Nevertheless, I have to gather my guts to really try the bungee trampoline for the first time.  It looks so easy watching someone else do it.  At the same time, it looks scary.   I already have mixed thoughts even when I was just watching them do it.   How does it feel?  What would I feel up there?  Would I not faint?  What if the rubber tubes snap?  And so many other things.   

I was the third one to try the bungee trampoline.  And as I was watching my two friends before me, I keep psyching up myself, " I can do it.  It's really just easy."   At the same time, trying to control myself from shaking.   You see, even if I was still just watching, my body already knows I will be doing it.  So my muscles are like also excited and at the same time nervous.   What's on my mind, my body responds to it.    :-)

Watching Lai and Richard, I still have second thoughts - to do it or not.  But when Richard finished, I know this is it.  I have to go now or there might be no second time chance.   I was excited.  Nervous.   While the crew was putting on me the body harness and adjusting the rubber ropes, I have to divert my nervous thoughts.  And I keep telling myself to keep calm , that this is gonna be ok.  That Pat is just near in case something happens.  

 After all the preparations were complete, I had the first jump. It was still ok since it was not yet high enough. It was just to test the rubber tubes.  

 Then finally, I was tossed up by the crew.   And I was like, "AHHHHHHH".  
I can't describe exactly how I feel.  

 It felt so wonderful to be high up there.  To be looking over the place.  With the people below already a bit small.   I said, "Wow, this is so cool."  No wonder many adventure-seekers always try this out.   The air up was good.  Refreshing.  It's like standing on top of a tall building, looking below.   And I like the feel of adrenaline rush when going up. 

 BUT.   The going down was another story.   After the few seconds suspension in the air when I am at the peak and then I start to go down, my stomach gave a different reaction.   It's like my internal organs were turned upside down.  And I had butterflies in my stomach.  And my muscles started to tense a bit.  I have to really SCREAAAAM! Shout my lungs out to relieve the tension in my muscles and so as not to feel so much the butterflies in my stomach.  

 See my face?  I was shouting hard.  hehehe....
I think, I was tossed up more than 4 times.  But as I was doing the bungee, the more I get of it, the better I felt.  As I got used to the sensations, the butterflies in my stomach slowly disappeared and my muscles started to relax a bit.  And even with the nervousness and the butterflies and the tensed muscles, I can't help but laugh all the time.  During the bungee, I am supposed to touch the trampoline in going down so I could kick and be up again.  But what's so funny was that I'm having difficulty touching the trampoline.  And I go around in circles instead of landing on the X spot marked in the trampoline.   I don't know why.   We don't know why. Maybe I just don't know how to really do the bungee thing.  Maybe there's a technique. 

 Ahhh, so tired.
After many jumps and many screams, I finally stopped and told the crew it's enough.  My throat got so dry from the screaming.   And I got so thirsty.  Actually, if not for the thirst, I would have still continued.  I already enjoyed it very much.   But when I felt the thirst, I told myself I have to stop now or I might faint from dehydration.  :-)

Below is the full video recording of my bungee trampoline courtesy of Pat, my ever supportive husband.  :-)

As I already enjoyed the bungee trampoline, my wish is to have a chance to do it again next time.  And on that next time, I'll try to do a somersault.   That would be my another first.  :-)

PS.  Thanks to Lovette Jam for the photos.  :-)

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