Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A STROKE of Luck

Friday.  June 22, 2012. 11:00 am.   My father was rushed to Mercy Hospital. He cannot move his left arm and leg.   Upon hearing the news, I immediately went to the hospital from the office.   When I arrived in the emergency room, my father looked ok and he was talking normally.  But he cannot still move the left part of his body and he said there is still numbness in his left arm, leg and face.  The doctor recommended a CT scan to check if his brain was not affected.

This is the very first time that something like this happened to my father.  And it is also his first time, in such a long time as far as he can remember (probably more than 30 years), to be admitted to the hospital.

We didn't know what my father's condition was until Saturday morning the following day when the doctor visited him.  The doctor said most of his test results were Ok except for the CT scan and his cholesterol level.  His bad cholesterol is a bit higher than the normal value.  And his CT scan displayed a blood clot in his brain.  The good news is, the blood clot was minimal so it can be treated with medications and no need for surgery.  Also, the bad cholesterol level can be reduced to normal by medication.  The doctor's only condition is that my father's blood pressure level should not anymore rise above normal.  Because of the recent blood clot, his blood pressure level must remain normal at all times to avoid the occurrence of another stroke. 

Today. June 27, 2012. 2:00pm.  My father was already discharged from the hospital.  He still has this tingling sensation in the left side of his body but he can already move his left arm and leg.  He can already sit down on his own.   When we were about to leave the hospital, my father was able to get inside the passenger vehicle from the wheelchair on his own.  As well as when we arrived home, he got off the vehicle and into the wheelchair on his own again.  We were there though watching him and being ready to catch him in case he would fall down.  His movements are still slow and shaky.   

I was really amazed at my father's will to get well as soon as he could.  Right after we wheeled him to his room last Friday, he already started teaching his left hand to move, starting with his fingers.  In just about 3 hours, he could already move his entire hand.  By Sunday, he could already touch his nose, with no fail.  This morning, he could already drink from a glass using his left hand. :-)

If only the physical therapist doctor visited him on Monday afternoon, he could have gone home yesterday, Tuesday.  But the doctor was able to visit him only yesterday, so he was discharged just today.  And what we found to be a bit funny was, the physical therapist doctor's advice as to what my father should do at home for him to recover fast, he was already doing since Friday (except for the sitting and standing as the other doctor won't let him yet).  Hence, his very fast recovery.   Just this afternoon, I asked him if he could already walk normally in two weeks.   And guess what his answer is?  He told me in a matter-of-fact way, "Less than two weeks".  I smiled.  That's the spirit.  :-D

With this new experience in my life, I have a few things to be thankful for.

1.  That, on the event last Friday, my sister decided not to go to the city center in the morning.  So, she and his boyfriend was at home when my father had the stroke.  If ever both of them were not around, I don't know how my mother could manage the situation.  She could not call for help as my father wouldn't let her leave his side and he is too heavy for her to carry outside the house.  They would both definitely be helpless.

2.  That the lavatory in the bathroom was still there.  For over a year already, I have been telling my mother to remove the damaged lavatory since it is already a bit unserviceable and is taking up space in the bathroom.   My father was taking a bath when the stroke happened.  When he sensed dizziness he leaned his hand on the wall but it slipped down into the lavatory.  When his hand gripped the lavatory which prevented him from falling down he then sat on the toilet bowl and that's when he realized he could no longer feel the lavatory he was holding. And he felt numbness all over his left body.

3.  That the emergency room of the Mercy Hospital was not busy.  My father was immediately taken cared of when he arrived at the emergency room.

4.  That our family already have new men members.  The presence of my two sisters' boyfriends and my husband, Pat, was really a great help. 

These are what I would call our four (4) STROKEs of Luck.  Though actually, it was meant to be. hehehe  :-D

And of course, I thank God for all his blessings as well as for the get-well-soon prayers said by friends and relatives.  

"There’s no quicker way for you to appreciate your life than when you come face to face with death. When you realize how thin the line that separates you from death, you will put more value on the things that matter — your family, your life purpose, your relationship to God."  
-Bo Sanchez's God Whispers


  1. Very sorry to read the news of your fathers stroke but I am glad he seems to be on the mend so quickly. I have heard many good things about Mercy Hospital, Iligan including the ones I have just read here. I am glad he has been able to return home so quickly. Home can be the best place for recovery from a health problem. God Bless and best luck to all of you.

    1. Thanks so much Bob. Just learned today that my father can already walk though very slowly. But what's more good news is that he did it on his own! No help from anyone. My mother was only beside him, just in case he'd fall. :-)


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