Sunday, June 10, 2012

Swish Breath Spray

Last June 5, 2012, I got a package from Unilab through my friend.  Me and some of my friends participated in a product review conducted by Unilab.  

The product I am going to try is the Swiss Breath Spray.  This is going to be my first time to use a breath spray.  Though I have at times used mouthwash.  However, I only get to use the mouthwash at home.  The container is too bulky for me to carry around even the small bottle available.  And at times I find using a mouthwash outside from home a little inconvenient because I need to use a cup or glass and I need a place to spit the liquid.  And it will also be my first time to try the Swiss brand as I am using a different brand for my mouthwash.

What attracted me to do a product review of Swish Breath Spray is that it is alcohol-free and sugar-free as compared to the other brands.   Plus the fact that it is small so it is handy to carry with me anywhere and definitely convenient to use. 

There are two refreshing variants of Swiss Breath Spray - the Arctic Chill and the Peppermint Fresh.  I started to use it last Wednesday.  First I tried Peppermint Fresh.  An hour after lunch, I sprayed 2 pumps.  I like the feel of the peppermint on the mouth as well as the smell.  About 30 minutes after, I ate a pancake.  But my breath stayed fresh.  Then at dinner, Pat and I ate fish tinola (fish stew).  And I really don't like the after taste of tinola on my mouth, as well as the smell of my breath after eating one.  So, a few minutes after I finished eating, I sprayed 1 pump of the peppermint fresh.  And it certainly helped in removing some of the after taste and my breathe smelled better.  Hmm... next time I'll try 2 pumps.  It would probably have a better result than just 1 pump.

Since I don't smoke and Pat sometimes does, I asked him to also try the breath spray.  He brought with him the Arctic Chill.  After office hours, about 20 minutes before we met, he puffed a little cigarette (1/3 of the stick) and then sprayed 3 pumps of the Arctic Chill.  When we met though, I could still smell a bit of cigarette from his breath.  I am not sure though if the Arctic Chill was not that effective or I am just sensitive to the smell of cigarette smoke.  Actually, I am allergic to cigarette smoke, hehehe.   Anyway, so about 15 minutes later, I let him spray 1 pump while we waited for our dinner.  The cigarette smell on his breath was kind of overridden by the breath spray's smell. But only for about 10 minutes.

So the next day, I let him try the Peppermint Fresh.  Twenty minutes before going home, Pat puffed one cigarette then sprayed two pumps of the Peppermint Fresh variant.  When he got home, he let me smell his breath and oh, I can smell a little of the  cigarette.  Then  he sprayed again two pumps and I immediately smelled his breath.  Well, I could now smell the peppermint.  We waited for 5 minutes to check the smell.  Well, the cigarette smell returned.

Hmm.. maybe Pat could use the breath spray for emergency instant relief.  I prefer he use Peppermint Fresh.  I like its smell.  And for myself, I don't like the aftertaste of Arctic Chill.  So, I prefer to use the Peppermint Fresh.

Unilab also gave me 2 bottles of the Swiss mouthwash - 1 Peppermint Fresh and 1 Arctic Chill.    So, I got to try using the mouthwash.   Since I prefer the Peppermint Fresh variant, I tried it.  And yes, the alcohol-free was a big plus.  When I gargled the mouthwash, it didn't have much stingy sensation on the mouth as compared to the other brand.  So, I could gargle with it longer. 

In conclusion, I like the Peppermint Fresh better than the Arctic Chill.  For me, the peppermint fresh stays longer than the arctic chill.  But you may want to try it for yourself though.  Sometimes  the effect of these products depends from person to person. 

The Swiss Breath Spray is now available in supermarkets, drugstores and convenient stores nationwide.   Its suggested retail price is Php105.00.   The bottle is only 10 ml but could last for up to 100 pumps.  :-)


  1. good evening...i just want to ask if what are the ingredients of this product swish breath spray??and how you arrived the price of 105.oo for just 10ml bottle..its a little bit, i want to know what are the ingredients..can you tell me??please :-)


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