Saturday, June 9, 2012

Am I In Charge?

Last May 31, 2012, I got my free book The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives that Make You Feel Alive by Brendon Burchard shipped to my house  straight from the USA. :-)

I was in the office when the book arrived and was received by my husband's niece at home.  She texted me that I have a package and it kind of looks like a book.  My first thought was, "yes! The Charge."  I was already eager to get home so I could check on the book.  Unfortunately, I arrived home late due to some appointments.  So, when I arrived home I checked the book and scanned through the pages.

The next day, I started reading the book.  From the Introduction including the message of Brendon "Out There".  Really.

I like how Brendon have written the book.  It is very simple.  Very straightforward.  Hits you where it needs to hit you.  :-)   Even for just the few pages that I have read.

Reading the Introduction page, I was like... yeah... yeah...yeah... And was like. Oh my God! It's like he knows me.  Like he can sense what I am feeling.  What I am thinking.  Well, because most of what he's talking about is what I have also experienced and some I am still experiencing. hehehe....

I am now halfway of Chapter 3.  And as what I have read so far, The Charge teaches you how to take charge of your life so you can be successful.  Living your life to the fullest.  Living your life the way you want it.

In Chapter 1, Brendon discussed about the 3 types of Life.  I never thought there is such a thing as 3 types of Life.  The 3 types of life are :

1. The Caged Life - a life when one lives either in the past or in the expectations of others.
2. The Comfortable Life -  when one is living a good life.  The house. The work. The family.  One is contented with the life he is living.  But then, when one thinks about it, something is missing.  Something is quite not right. 
3. The Charged Life - a life when one is in charge of his own life.  He takes action.  He makes meaning in his day to day activities.  His life is very colorful.  

And what I read gave me a realization that my life now is a mixture of the 3 lives.  I think I have 15% Caged Life, 15% Charged Life and 70% Comfortable Life.  I am, I would say, in my comfort zone now.  There are so many things I want to do with my life but somehow, getting out of the comfort zone just makes me feel... uhm.. uncomfortable. hehehe...  I always fear the unknown.  The, what-if-it-won't-work-what-will-happen kind of thing.   Getting married was probably, by far, the biggest decision I've ever made that got me out of my comfort zone 8 years ago.  But now, 8 years into the married life, I again feel the comfort zone settling in my life.    I am not talking about the marriage though.  I have a great marriage and I love my husband and being with him always brings joy to me.  What I am talking about is the other aspect of my life.  My dreams.  My ambitions that I want accomplished. 

So, am I in charge of my life now?  Not yet so.  As much as I wanted to.  But, I'll be getting there. I'll finish reading the book and read it all over again.  And follow as religiously as I can the steps in activating the 10 human drives, which is what the The Charge is all about.

PS.  Hmmm... Following the book would be a journey in itself that would transform my life into how I'd want it to be.  I'll probably make a series posts for this topic.  The lessons I learn from every chapter of the book and my experiences as I apply the lessons will be the content of my blogposts.  :-D

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