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Things To Do Before I Die

I'll be turning 38 this coming Friday.  38. Wow.  That's already a lot of years.  On my 38th year I'd like to make an inventory of what have I done with my life.  But first, I'd like to post the things that I want to do before I die, which I have 2 sets of, hehehe...  plus a list of my dreams.

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Today, I'd like to write the 2 lists I have made.  My first ever list of Things To Do Before I Die (or my Bucket List) was written on August 8, 1998 at 6:10pm.  Wondered how I still remember the time and date? Well, I wrote it on a 1996 planner which my father didn't use so he gave it to me.  And I still have it after, like, 16 years? More than 16 years already... hehehe...It's a good thing I took it from my parent's house in Bayug last year and brought it here in Celdran, so it was spared from the TS Sendong flooding.  :-)

So, my 1998 Bucket List had the following to-do things :

1.  Learn to play the piano and own one
2.  Learn to play the guitar and own one
3.  Learn to roller skates and be able to do ice skating
4.  Ride the rollercoaster (big one)
5.  Be able to paint at least one painting in a canvass
6.  Own an SLR camera and handycam and publish at least one picture
7.  Manage my own (dream) business
8.  Learn how to swim
9.  Audition/ apply in a recording company and know if I have a talent in singing
10. Employ the less fortunate
11. Visit at least one castle in Europe
12. Visit Egypt and see pyramid
13. Go to Manila and visit significant places
14. Go to Vatican City
15. Be able to travel alone outside Iligan
16. Marry the right man at the right time and have a family to love and care for
17. Meet the Alaska players
18. Meet Lea Salonga
19. Visit Paris
20. Visit Disneyland
21. Be able to horseback ride
22. Do skiing, jet skiing
23. Ride a helicopter
24. Ride a plane
25. Go to a cruise with the man I love
26. Play tennis
27. Own a lot with vegetable garden and fruit trees
28. Own a house with a swing

And my second list I wrote on July 22, 2001 (I was not able to write the time though, hehehe)

1.  Own an SLR camera
2.  Own a videocam
3.  Publish at least one picture in a well-known magazine
4.  Complete tour of Disneyland, Florida,USA
5.  Ride a rollercoaster
6.  Learn how to rollerblades and ice skates
7.  Sing in an audience without mistake
8.  Go to Egypt and see the pyramid
9.  Go to Vatican City
10. Own a boarding house
11. Have a family with the right man
12. Go on a cruise with the man I love, my husband
13. Go on a horseback riding
14. Go on a go-cart racing
15. See and touch a dolphin or whale
16. Finish one cross-stitch
17. Ride and/ or drive a convertible sports car
18. Volunteer in a nursing home
19. Travel alone outside Iligan
20. Photograph a sunset
21. Learn to scuba dive
22. Watch a concert in Cebu
23. Have a child of my own
24. Watch the sunrise/ sunset with the man I love
25. Own a mountain bike
26. Own a 4-door pick-up truck
27. Have a house with a swing
28. Ride on a helicopter
29. Play tennis
30. See one broadway/ musical stage show
31. Go on a rafting
32. Learn to ski
33. Ride on a jet ski

And on December 27, 2001, I added one more thing that I'd like to do,

34.  Enroll in a dance class.  :-)

So, from these lists, which do you think have I done already?

Have I made come true as many things I want to do in the past 14 years?

Hmmm... I am going to answer that in another post. hehehe..

For my big dreams, based on my list, in 2001 I have wanted :

1. to own a restaurant that serves all kinds of dishes with chicken on it, hehehe... why chicken? I cannot anymore remember. :-)
2. to make souvenir items for Iligan City.
3. to own a boarding house and cafeteria.

In 2003, I added these :

4. To own an orphanage and home for the aged
5. To own internet cafe
6. To make handmade papers and its other products

Do these dreams of mine 11 and 9 years ago still hold true today? That, will be revealed in yet another post. hehehe  :-D

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