Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Jollibee Birthday

Last July 6, 2012 was my birthday.  I am now 38 years old.  So, how did I spend my special day?

For this year, I planned on going to the Home for Aged to celebrate my birthday there with the elderly. There are about 10 of them.  Lunch was what I had in mind.  I'd bring with me food that surely they've longed to eat.  I already set aside some money for it.  Of course, Pat will be with me.  I also thought I'd pass the dinner at my parents' house this time.  Instead, I'd let them join me have lunch at the Home for the Aged. That was my plan. :-)

But on June 23, 2012, my father had a stroke and was admitted to the hospital.  The money I have set aside for my birthday was spent for my father's recovery.

On a lighter note, I had a first for my birthday this year.

Pat and I had breakfast at Jollibee! hehehe... It was my very first birthday that I ate out for breakfast.

So, why did we eat out?

It was not really a planned romantic eat out.  We just woke up late and I have no time to cook for breakfast.  Hehehe.... Pat is going to the office and I will be going to Maria Cristina Hotel to attend the last day of a 3-day workshop.  :-)

And it's a good thing I remembered to take a photo of us just before we left Jollibee.  I was able to have a souvenir of my very first birthday breakfast. :-)

Then at past 5pm Pat and I met at Gaisano Mall to buy some stuff for my father and then went to 9r's to buy our dinner.  We spent our dinner with my family in Bayug so I could visit and check on my father's progress.  I didn't get any gifts on my birthday but what God gave me was the best gift I could have ever wanted on that day.  On my birthday, my father was already able to walk a few steps, 13 days after he had a stroke.  And last Saturday, July 14, he was already walking normally.  No more wheelchair moments. Hehehe... Thank you so much Lord.  :-)

My plan on treating the elderly at the Home for the Aged still holds.  I will start saving from my salary next month so I could have that birthday lunch at the Home for the Aged in September. :-D


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