Monday, August 13, 2012

Now Open for Business :-D

I am supposed to write blogpost about the previous travels but I got busy the past few weeks.  It has been almost a month now since I last posted.

Have finally started my business! Just, one of my businesses, actually.  Hehehe.  Though just a small step yet.  I've always wanted to get into the food business yet I never got the  guts to start one. 


Last month, my friend, Jedy, who is into the food business, accepted my proposal for a consignment.  I'd prepare the food (snacks and desserts) and she sells them.  Since I still cannot have my own store, I want to try the consignment first.  And on Wednesday, July 25, Jedy asked if I could make a mango float for 30 persons which she will use the following day for an event.  Since it was such a short notice for me, I told her I'll try and text her if am able to make the mango floats. 

However, since it was my first time to prepare the mango float in individual packs (I usually prepare them in big containers, for family consumption), I miscalculated the ingredients.  So, I was not able to make 30 packs.  So, I texted Jedy I could not deliver her order. 

The following day, since the individually packed mango float is already there, I thought of doing an introductory selling of my mango float. Not much profit just so I'd get to introduce my mango float business. :-)  I brought some to my office to sell it to my office mates.  I was very happy to learn that they like my mango float!   My husband also brought a few pieces to his office.  And his office mates  also like the mango float!

Last Friday, August 10, I prepared another set of mango float.  However, Jedy's stall at night market will not be open on Saturday.  Pat thought of his friend Langging who owns a barbeque eatery near the public plaza.  He called her to arrange for a consignment.  And luckily, she agreed.  Yes!  

Hmmm... this could be a sign that I am on the right track.  :-)

So, why mango float? 

Well, mango float have been the favorite dessert I like to prepare at home.  Plus, I have always been frustrated with the mango float sold in restaurants/ cafes here in Iligan.  It is so commercialized, most of what you see and taste is the Graham crackers. 

Unfortunately, though, I forgot to take a photo of the mango float I prepared.  Next weekend, I will be preparing another set.  So, I'd make sure I will already have a photo of my mango float, hehehe...


  1. I am not sure if Mango Float is considered a Philippine Desert like Halo Halo is, but it was on one of my visits is where I first heard of it. Someone in CDO made it for me in a large rectangular baking dish that I guess might have been able to be enjoyed by 6 or 8 people. As I remember I think I ate the whole thing myself as this was the first time I ever had it ! Obviously it was yummy. Now I look forward to trying some of yours on a future visit.

    If you can get enough consignments, you might be able to build your business on Mango Float alone. Best of luck with it.

    1. Hi Bob!

      Thanks for the encouragement. Yep, when you visit again Iligan, I'll make a mango float for you. That's a promise. :-)

  2. Consignment is a pretty good business deal. I think it will work for both of you as business partners in the food business. I think direct selling would also be a great way to sell your products quickly. You can also sell it online if you want to expand your business. I think your Facebook friends will love it too.

    1. Thanks Joseph for the encouragement. :-)
      Yes, I'll be doing direct selling too.


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