Saturday, June 18, 2011

Personal Encounter with Drew Arellano : Weekend Getaway

I am now "striking while the iron is hot", hehe..

This morning me and some IBS members had a personal encounter with Drew Arellano, host of Weekend Getaway- a new show in GMAnewstv which launched just this year.   Drew and his crew arrived yesterday to shoot an episode of Weekend Getaway here in Iligan.   Their guest adventure-seekers for this episode are Liza and Lizel Verdadero from Cainta, Rizal.   They are twins - pretty twins.  

They have shot scenes yesterday at Tinago Falls and Maria Cristina Falls-NPC Nature's Park.   Last night Pat texted me to be ready by 8:00 this morning if we want to meet Drew in person.  So, via FB and text, I informed the others of the schedule.   And so, we met this morning outside the mosque in Camague, Iligan City.  With me were Xy-Za, Jam, Alex, Jeffrey and Richard (who was so dressed to interview).  It's a Saturday and we all woke up early just so to meet Drew Arellano in person.

We waited for about an hour with some heat from the morning sun.  But then it was all worth it.    Below are the photos I took of the group and what transpired from 8:10-9:50 this morning.  

 A pose at past 8:00 in the morning, while waiting for Drew and company.

 Now, Drew is here but look at the bloggers - they seemed to be shy. Starstruck mode!

 Still, nobody dared converse with Drew for a few minutes.

Jeffrey broke the ice and started telling Drew he saw him in the TV just this morning before going to the mosque.

 Then Richard finally got the courage and was the next to talk to Drew.

Xy-Za (lady in black shirt) still looks starstruck.

Discussing on how and where to shoot.

 Richard in action

Richard and Xy-Za, posing with one of the cameraman, the researcher and the two adventure-seekers, Liza and Lizel

Special interview with Marvin, the researcher, for more inside information

 A chat with the cameraman

The guest adventure-seekers, Liza and Lizel Verdadero

Me, Pat, Jam, Xy-Za and Alex posed with Liza and Lizel- the pretty twins.

 Incharge of the mosque giving instructions to the crew.

 More instructions, this time from Drew

It was learned that the planned shoot could not be realized as there are men inside the mosque who are sort of in a retreat so women are not allowed inside so as not to distract them.  So, it was decided that only Drew and his cameraman will be allowed to enter the mosque. 

 And the shooting begins... 

While Drew was shooting inside the mosque, Richard busied himself by interviewing Liza and Lizel.

Just outside,  looking in

After a tour inside the mosque, the shoot was concluded.

Finally, the most awaited - group photo with Drew, Liza, Lizel and the crew.
 (photo taken by Rene with my camera)

Well, as I was taking most of the pictures, I didn't get to have an exclusive photo with Drew.  So, I came up with this :
A cropped photo of me and Drew from the group photo above.  Just to make it bigger and clearer.  And it's a good thing, I stood beside Drew.  :-)  

PS.  Just realized,  I didn't get a close up photo of drew.   :-(

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