Friday, June 24, 2011

Me and Dr. Jose Rizal in Wilhemsfeld, Germany

Last  Sunday, June 19, was the 150th birthday anniversary of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.   With the declaration of June 20 as national holiday in commemoration of Dr. Jose Rizal's birth date, it reminded me of my experience in Germany. 

It has been known that Dr. Jose Rizal stayed in Germany particularly in Heidelberg.   But what I and Norman (my fellow participant from Naga  City) learned was that Dr. Jose Rizal didn't only live in Heidelberg.  He also lived in Wilhemsfeld (pronounced vil-hems-feld), about 30 minutes by bus from Heidelberg, where he wrote the last chapter of the Noli Me Tangere. 

We went to Wilhemsfeld on a Sunday and the place was almost deserted.  The stores were closed.   Probably the people were in the Church.   With the map we got from Heidelberg Tourism Information Center (situated near the train station), we walked from the bus stop looking for the Rizal Park.  We first found the house he lived in.  We would have wanted to go inside but nobody's there and the gate was closed.   After taking a few photos, we again looked for the park which is not far from the house. 

Below are some photos taken during our visit to Wilhelmsfeld.

The almost deserted streets.

The house where Dr. Jose Rizal stayed while studying in Heidelberg.

The Posting on the wall translates to :

National Hero of the Philippines
finished the last chapter of his novel
"Noli Me Tangere" 
in this house while a guest of Pastor Ullmer

Jose Rizal Street
I really got so excited.  I was very happy to see a street outside the Philippines named after Dr. Jose Rizal.  It really gave me goosebumps.  

Jose Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal and Me  :-)

25-year Rizal Park

Academic Mentors of Dr. Jose Rizal in Germany - Pastor Karl Ullmer, Professor Rudolf Virchow

Friends of Dr. Jose Rizal in Germany - Prof. Otto Becker, Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt

Plaque beside the statue of Dr. Jose Rizal

Dr. Jose Rizal Statue

It really felt good to have visited Rizal Park and one of the houses where Dr. Jose Rizal stayed in Germany.  I felt so proud to be a Filipino and I felt so proud of Dr. Jose Rizal. 

It is just sad to note that Rizal's statue is Germany is way much bigger and in full size compared to the one in Iligan City's Rizal Park.  It used to be big and full size but now it is only a bust.  I wonder why they changed the statue.  I hope in the near future they'll change it back to the full size.  

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