Thursday, June 30, 2011

IBS and the 113th Independence Day Parade

Since I worked in the city government I have attended a number of parades during Independence Day and Fiesta.  But this year was so far the most enjoyable parade I have attended.    For a change, I did not join the city government group, instead I joined the Iligan Bloggers Society (IBS) group.  Since the other members who committed to join were first timers, I decided to join them.  So that IBS will have more participants.    :-)

The members who joined the parade were Jam, Xy-Za, Arlene, Lai, Richard, Jerick and Joseph.  And before the parade started, Rey Ramos joined us (even though he is still officially not a member).    Thanks Rey for joining us.

We were first to register for the civic organization category but as the participants started leaving the city high grounds, Xy-Za noticed that only a few participants were left.  So I asked my husband, "Pat, when are we next?" And he was surprised to see us.  He thought we have already left.   So, he told us "Ok, you're next to go."   And we kind of had a sad face, thinking we were already at the last part.   BUT...  as we readied ourselves at the gate, drums started beating behind us and we all turned.   Surprised we shouted!  "Yeehey, we have a band with us!!"  And we wore our happy faces and marched out of the city high school to join the parade.   We were ecstatic at the thought that we have a band behind us.   We said, we may be last but we have a band.  Yes!! 

Photos below will show you the first parade of IBS.    :-)

While waiting for the parade to start, and waiting for Xy-Za for our t-shirts

Here is Jerick - Lost Mode - we were across the street from him and he didn't see us even as we waved our hands.  :-)

Arlene's moment -  a photo opt with City Mayor Lawrence Cruz in a Katipunero attire.

A pose with the IBS banner, while waiting for our turn
From left :  Rey Ramos, Jerick Almeda, Joseph Onyot, Lovette Jam Jacosalem, Xy-Za Yape, Richard Celeste, Lisa Mirasol and Arlene Collado 

A few meters from the City High School, Lai and Jerick holding the banner.

Passing by Gaisano Mall

Xy-Za replaced Lai in holding the banner

 (photo courtesy of Rene Pernia)
 (photo courtesy of Rene Pernia)
Lai in action, taking a photo of us

Now, it's Arlene and Joseph's turn to hold the banner 

Already in Cabili Avenue approaching the old Gaisano

Our "Band"

Somebody took a picture of our banner.  And we wondered, "Hmmm... what got him interested with our banner? What would he do with the picture of our banner? "  (photo courtesy of Lovette Jam Jacosalem)

Richard, a pose with the "Man in Uniform"

Poses with the "Man in Grasses" - the sniper
(photo courtesy of Rey Ramos)
 (photo courtesy of Lovette Jam Jacosalem)
 (photo courtesy of Rey Ramos)
 (photo courtesy of Rey Ramos)
(photo courtesy of Rey Ramos)

In attention as the National Anthem (Spanish version, the original version) is being sung
Check out the "i Blog" logo at the back of the shirt - isn't it cool?

 A pose with the military armored vehicle

 Entering the tank, who's looking where?  A soldier was telling his fellow soldier that taking photos inside is not allowed.

So, everybody went out of the tank, but here shows a very happy Xy-Za, even without a photo inside, she experience what it's like to be inside the tank.

It was very hot, yet all you see are smiles on their faces

 What are they looking?  I never got to ask them. 

 Richard, so relaxed and all smiles, even when the sun is hot.

Ahhh, finally, a group photo with me included.  The IBS group with a military man... 
now, who took this picture?

Tada ...   Our photographer,  a "Man in Uniform" 

What's new with this year's Independence Day parade, aside from the IBS group, of course?

US Military personnel stationed in Marawi City came down to Iligan to join the parade.   Many were posing with them for photos.  But unfortunately, the IBS group was not able to have one photo with them. What happened, where were they?  Well, I was near the stage busy taking pictures with what's going on there and I even lost the group.  I have to text them where they are. 

The military armored vehicles.  There were 4 of them and the people were allowed to pose for photos and see and sit inside (but no picture taking inside, not allowed).

After photo opts with the tank, we also had photo opts with the Tartanilya and the Katipunero horse, hehehe.

The Katipunero Horse

Whew.  That was one parade I'll never forget.   I really enjoyed it with the company of my new found friends.  Thanks guys for joining.  Next time again.  :-)  



  1. Thanks for the great Pics ! I recognise many of the places and even some of the faces !

    Bob New York

    Iligan City

    Simply Amazing !

  2. I like!!!! Nyahahahahaha... Blog hopping around ma'am Binky...^^


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