Sunday, June 12, 2011

Insiders of the Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 Audition

Me and 3 other members (Richard, Xy-Za and Jam) of the Iligan Bloggers Society had the opportunity to cover the audition of Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 held in Iligan City last June 10, 2011.  And that is thanks to my husband, Pat, for helping us in getting a "Pass" so we can have access to St. Michael's College Auditorium, the venue of the audition.

We arrived at the area before 10am and many wannabe "housemates sa Bahay ni Kuya" were already lining up even when it is very hot.   It was said that the registration started at 6am, yet many aspirants were already in the vicinity as early as 8pm the night before.  

After the guard at the gate inspected our bags, we went up the stairs to the auditorium.  And we passed by aspirants lining up the stairs waiting for their turn to get inside the auditorium. 

Inside, many are already comfortably sitting down, some chatting with new found friends, others texting - probably to their family and friends, some just sat quietly waiting for the next instruction.  I asked one of the in-charge how many were already in as of the time, and he said, it was already a total of 900.  Wow!

Crew from ABS-CBN Local  covering the audition 

The people sitting are waiting for the 1st Screening at the Conference Room.   The picture below shows those on the 1st 2 rows leaving the auditorium to go to the conference room. 

But before entering the Conference Room, the aspirants have to wait for their turn in the lobby of the 5th floor.


A lady wearing PBB shirt was getting the contract from the aspirants.

After the interview, many come out with smiles on their faces.  Meaning, they are in for the 2nd screening.  But not all are lucky enough.  Those that qualify for the second screening goes back to the auditorium and those that didn't make it, makes their exit.

A green sticker with a number signifies you qualify for the 2nd screening.

Back in the auditorium waiting for their turn for the 2nd screening.

The second screening situated at the stage of the auditorium.   
They said nobody gets eliminated here. It is just more interviews.

It is so interesting to see the faces of the aspirants to the Pinoy Big Brother show that I can't help but take some shots to document this special event of their lives.  What were they feeling?  Nervous? Excited?  Or maybe tired of standing in line?  And it makes me wonder, if I was one of them, how would I look?   How would I feel?

And there were those who loves the camera.  They even call on me to have their pictures taken even if they don't know me or that they won't get a copy.   This is the part I like best, when we went to the lobby, the atmosphere was a bit quiet.   But when we started taking pictures of the aspirants, it was like a party suddenly started.   The atmosphere turned from being a bit quiet to a bit noisy.   It seems that the sleepy heads awaken.   Some of the guys are, may I say, camera addicts.  They just love to pose  for a picture.   They'd  call us.  One even told me to tag him on Facebook, hehe...  They came alive.  The crowd got busy.    And when my co-bloggers started interviewing a few aspirants, others would also want to be interviewed.  


The aspirants upon registration were given a piece of paper containing the contract and at the back of it, they are required to write the 5 highlights of their lives.   The pictures below show the different positions how aspirants write the 5 highlights of their lives.

A mother aspirant with her daughter.  
I was taking pictures of them writing (photo on top of this, the lady standing) and when she saw me, she called her daughter and told her to dance before the camera.   Maybe she thought I am taking videos, and maybe because I was wearing an ID, she thought I might be part of the PBB crew.   Before I left, she thank me.  I can't describe the big smile on her face.  She really looks so happy. 
City Councilor Michelle Sweet (in white baseball cap), Co-Chairperson of the Coordinating Committee on PBB Auditions, with some of the city government employees, helping out pull through the event. 

The Coordinating Committee also prepared a small program for those waiting in line to keep them entertained while waiting for their turn.    Above is a contest on who can dance the PBB theme song well.   The guy in red shirt is just a bystander.

And of course, aside from documenting the aspirants, I also did not forget to document what my co-bloggers have been doing.    Richard was the very prepared from the 4 of us.  He really has his little notebook with him interviewing and taking notes on information he gets.  I said to myself, "wow, we have a news reporter in the making.  IBS is gonna be big!".    Then Xy-Za also followed Richard and made her interviews.   Jam was the photographer, like me.   But I didn't get the chance to catch her in action.   I only realized it when I reviewed the photos in the computer.   

And of course we as well have posterity poses of the event. 

The "Pass" - Our best friend. 

This is the first activity that IBS has done together.   I really enjoyed it.   It was a new experience for me.   Though I sure envy Richard, Xy-Za and Jam.    Being a shy me, I just hide behind my camera,  even when taking pictures of those who volunteers to be pictured.  I don't know, but I think I should practice overcoming my shyness.  It really makes me... uhh... limited.   How I wish I could also be like Richard, Xy-Za and Jam, who can to talk to strangers and befriend them.   Hmm... maybe I should hang around with them more often, to get infected? hehe...   :-)

We took a break for lunch.   And scheduled to meet again at 5pm to try to cover the 3rd screening.  But I was not anymore able to go back because of other appointments (it's my mother's birthday!) 

- - - - - 
PS.  Finally, I was able to finish my PBB post.  Whew!  It sure took a while.   This brownout thing sure is a hassle.  The monitor goes black in the middle of my writing.       


  1. Woot woot! Yeah you better hang around more with us! lols...

    Jam is contagious! Promise! hahaha
    I am shy too but sometimes it turns it self off when it feels i need to. hehehehe

    I don't know with Richard, I guess his the most gutsy among us! hehehe

  2. @madam xy-za: ganun? me? contagious? shy man ko! di lang masyadong halata... hihihi...

    @ma'am binky: nice post! ako na lang wala nag-blog sa PBB experience. hehehe.. :)

  3. mam binky, i-post pud ni sa :)


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