Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Modeling Stint in Germany

I am a frustrated model.  Naks!

Looking at magazines, I've always wondered what it's like to become one.   But never in my life did I expect to become one (though only amateur).   And it happened while I was in Germany, in Saarbruecken in particular.    It was Annielyn Deocampo who introduced me to Anita Nowack  or Tita Anita, as she is fondly called by the Filipino scholars who get to visit her.   I was thrilled and at the same time nervous.  I've never posed for something like modeling.   I don't even know what to do so  Tita Anita and Annielyn has to coach me and Tita had been very patient.   It was really like professional because I get to sign a contract, as it is a requirement for all models whose pictures are submitted to Dreamstime.com.   When I told my husband, he ask if I had a fee.  I told him, none.  But I don't need it as it is my first time and the experience that it gave  me is  already rewarding enough.    We did the shoot twice.   The first one was outside the house and the second one was inside where we did costume change.   It was two short shoots but I realized how hard and tiring it is to be a model.   Don't move.  Don't blink.  Smile.  Don't smile. Stare.  Eyes close.  Eyes open.  Change clothes.  Change hairdo.   Etcetera.   Etcetera.    

But then again, seeing the photos being publish in the website gives you the satisfaction that it was all worth it.  I even have some regrets later, that I should have been more relaxed.  I should have played with my poses more during the shoot.  I don't know if I get to pose for a modeling project again.  I don't know if that would be my first and my last modeling.  But I was glad I got to experience it.   And I thank Tita Anita for the opportunity and the confidence you gave me to become one of your models.   

I check my photos at Dreamstime.com from time to time to see how many views or downloads the photos already have.  It always makes me wonder - who could have downloaded my photos?  What did they like about my photos?  What did they do with my photos?  Will I one day get to see one of my photos in a magazine?  Or in a billboard?   Hmmm... that remains to be seen.   

Below are just two of my photos. 

For more photos of me (wink!), click the links below :






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  1. Wow! As in model jud imo dating Ma'am Bing! In the first photo, u look like Jody Sta. Maria. O d ba artistahin!


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