Thursday, May 26, 2011

Disney's UP - what's in it for me?

With the wedding anniversary fever still on me (it is still  May), I would like to share with you a Disney movie that really struck me after watching it (with Pat of course) and has immediately became on top of "my favorites" list.   The movie is called "UP".

It is the story of an old man (Carl) who is to be evicted from his home because of some neighborhood developments.  When the time comes that he already has to go to the  home-for-the-aged, an idea struck him.   He tied his whole house with lots and lots of balloons which eventually made the house  go up.   The photo below says what I mean.  His adventure started from there, with the company of an 8-year old Wilderness Explorer (Russell).

However, what I really love about  the movie is not the adventure of Carl and Russell, but the life of Carl and his wife, Ellie.

Ellie and Carl

First of all, Carl and Ellie reminded me of Pat... and me.   Carl and Pat are both big compared to Ellie and me.  Pat and Carl wear eyeglasses.   Ellie and me doesn't, except only when Ellie was already old, which also is probably what will happen to me when I get old, hehe.

Revilla and Pat
(Picture taken at Tangub City during Christmas time)

Carl is the quiet type who loves listening to Ellie.   Ellie is the more jack-of-all-trade type, and Carl assists her.   Carl and Ellie don't have a child.    Pat and I don't also have a child yet.  But, as with Carl and Ellie, Pat and I enjoy each others company, very much.   We like to do things together like planning our trips, designing our dream house, doing service to the less fortunate, and even doing household chores   :-).      

My adventures in life in which Pat was with me included my first time to ride a zipline at Macahambus, Cagayan de Oro City.  And all my other zipline rides in Iligan City and Bukidnon.   My first time to whitewater raft in Cagayan de Oro and so many other first times in my life that happened, courtesy of Pat.

Below are some photos of the trips/adventures Pat and I had done together.

 A trip to Cebu in 2005.  We visited the Noel Ancestral House in Carcar, the Lapu-Lapu Shrine and stayed the whole day at Plantation Bay Resort courtesy of Pat's uncle.   In 2004, during our honeymoon, we also visited Cebu and went to Taoist Temple and The Top.

My very first time to go to Marawi City (I cannot anymore remember when).  It was a weekend and Pat had some visitors from Davao City who visited Maria Cristina Falls and wanted to see MSU Campus in Marawi City.   He asked me to join them so I could see Marawi.  At first I was hesitant because of the stories I grew up with regarding Marawi.  And I told Pat that my father wouldn't probably let me go.  He said we won't tell him.  Just after we've been there already.  :-)
Well, of course, Pat is my husband and I always like going somewhere with him.

Our very first trip outside the country - Hongkong - in June 2009.  We went there with Pat's niece and her family.   We visited the Giant Buddha at Ngong Ping, the Ocean Park and Disneyland, Avenue of the Stars and Victoria Peak.


 Ozamis City in December 2010.  We went to Tangub with Pat's officemates to visit the Christmas Capital of the Philippines and stayed overnight in Ozamis City where we toured a little the following morning before returning to Iligan.

 Bukidnon in March 2011.   Again, I went with Pat together with some of his officemates to watch the Kaamulan festival.  We also visited the Dahilayan Adventure Park and the Monastery.

 Bohol in April-May 2011.  The latest trip we did.  We were with his sister, Ate Leah, a nephew and nieces.   We visited Tagbilaran, Panglao Island, Balicasag Island, Chocolate Hills and other tourists attractions.

Other places we've been to are Davao City, Samal Island, Camiguin  and Boracay.  I will share the other trips in another posts.  :-)


  1. I am just surfing the blogs in the Internet and chanced into yours. Your blog grabs my interest since I have watched the movie "Up" and I really like the story. Most importantly, it is so nice to know true love story like yours which has similarity to Carl and Ellie. So touching! So, keep your story! :)

    Mariel from Cagayan de Oro (

  2. OMG Ate Bing gikilig ko sa imong blog! wew... from a hopeless romantic me.

    Like everyone else, hoping and praying for a happy lovelife. I have been travelling alone a lot now and I feel so excited travelling with a husband in the future. wehehehehe kiliiiiiiiiiiiiig!-

  3. Don't worry Xy, yours will come in God's time. Don't try so hard to find a man. Just enjoy being single, with yourself, your friends,your family. And Pray. Give your idea of your future husband to God. And let him (the one true love) find you. God bless. :-)


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