Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My A-ha Moment

It's now May 2011.   How time flies.  It's been so over a while that I have not posted in my blog.  My last post was in November 2010.  6 months. WOW!

I can list the reasons to justify why I have not yet posted anything since November.  Like, I didn't have the TIME (sheesh, probably the most overrated excuse ever!) Or maybe, I didn't have anything to blog about.  Gosh!  I have many stories to tell running in my mind.  But all are still in my mind.  No action. No blog post.

So, what really is keeping me from blogging?  I've been thinking, pondering on this for months now.  So what is my big WHY?!

I am afraid nobody will read my blog.
I am afraid readers would criticize my writings.

I am not sure if I am doing it right.
I am not sure if my writing is good enough.
I am not sure if my topic is ok.
With the many topics running in my mind, I don't know which topic is appropriate to write about.

My husband told me a few years ago what his professor in college once told him, "to just write as if you are talking to somebody."   When you don't have to worry about the grammar and the vocabulary you will use.

And yes, as I have read many books by Bo Sanchez and other authors, I realize my husband's professor was right.  Bo Sanchez writes as though he is just beside you in a bench talking to you.

So after months of fighting over myself,  I have finally decided :  to write anything that I feel like writing about.  I'll write what I think.  I'll write how I feel.   I'll write my experiences.

It's my blog.  It's my world.

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