Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Celebrating Anniversaries

Today - May 18, 2011 - is our wedding anniversary.  It is our seventh.   Wow, Pat and I are already together for 7 seven years.  

We celebrated today just by ordering food and ate at home with Al (Pat's brother) and Aj (Al's daughter).  But Aj arrived late, so she ate alone.  Pat and I bought fish fillet, camaron rebosado and pork sinigang.  And had blackforest cake (from Goldilocks) for dessert.   But it was ok as we already had a pre-anniversary celebration last April 28-May 2, when we travelled to Bohol with Aj and met up with Ate Leah (Pat's sister) and two of her children.   We had fun and sure was like a second honeymoon.  :-)   (This will be another blog, for sure.)

Our dessert.

Pat and I celebrate our anniversaries differently every year.    Last year, we ate out, just the two of us at Fontina, courtesy of Bro. Dr. Abel Gomez (Pat's fraternity brother ).    In 2009, we had a trip to Hongkong but did that as a triple celebration.  Pat's birthday is in April, my birthday is in July and our anniversary is in May.  We went to Hongkong in June.    So, I could say, we had a sort of grand celebration in 2009.    

In 2006, we celebrated it separately.  I was in Germany then, attending a one-year training.   It was sad since we were physically apart.  But thanks to the technology, we chatted on the internet for hours. 

In 2005, our first anniversary, we had a double celebration with my parents since their wedding anniversary falls a day after ours, May 19.   We reserved a table for four at Cafe Hermoso and had dinner.  

Now, for 2007 and 2008.   Hmmm...    I can't remember what we did on those anniversaries.   Maybe we just ate out or ordered and ate at home.   Geee.. this should be a reason why I should keep posting in my blog in the future, so I won't forget the things we did on our anniversary.  

Next year we plan to do again an out-of-the-country trip for our triple celebration.  We are eyeing Beijing.   We're starting saving for it.  We don't know yet when we will be going.  We will wait for a promo tour or promo fare of Cebu Pacific Air.  

I always look forward to celebrating our anniversary, be it grand or simple.   I thank God for the past years He has given us and at the same time, I anticipate the coming years Pat and I would be together.  

Happy anniversary to my one and only gen, the love of my life.  Thank you for loving me.   I love you.   :-) 

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