Saturday, February 8, 2014

Iligan's Keepsakes by Keepsakes Iligan Souvenirs and Crafts

There was a time in my life (about in 2000) when I wanted to make souvenir items for Iligan City since there's not much Iligan souvenir items a tourist could bring back home.  Just the usual Cheding's Peanuts and malongs.

But that was only written in a notebook as part of my "To-Do List" in the future.

Then, when I went to Germany in 2006-2007, that feeling again of making souvenir items for Iligan City surfaced as I toured a bit of Europe and saw that every place we visit always have souvenir items for tourists to bring back home.

Few years passed, still I was not able to even make a single item as possible souvenir for Iligan.  Then the time came in 2011 when Pat already have many requests of souvenir items from tourists he accompanied.  He then asked me if I could already start making my souvenir items.

So, I researched and tried creating some souvenir items.  In 2012, I was able to make some refrigerator magnets and key chains.  I ordered blank acrylic from Manila.  And by end of September 2012, I decided to register a name for my business.   And in January 2013, I secured a business permit to make my business legal and so that I could already pod labels on my souvenir items. 

This post really is already so loooong overdue, hehehe.   It took me quite a while to write this 'cause I couldn't get my thoughts to focus.  I had so much on my mind then.  :-)

Anyways, below were some of the first batch of key chains and refrigerator magnets I made.  I used pictures of Maria Cristina Falls and Tinago Falls taken by Pat.  I was not able to take photos of the other items though.

Framed-rectangle shaped key chain

House-shaped key chain

Small rectangle-shaped key chain with "I love Iligan" at the other side.

Square-shaped refrigerator magnets

My business is already one year old.  It is not yet really that established but somehow it's beginning to pick up.  I am currently also making a website for it.  I'll update this post for the URL when it is already complete.  

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