Thursday, February 13, 2014

I Finally Found You, Rick Springfield!

After listening to Menudo greatest hits on Youtube about an hour ago, I checked the list for the next album I would like to play.  Then, I saw Rick Springfield.  I don't know him. But thought I'd give it a shot and listen to his songs.  When I clicked the link, there was no description.

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When the first few notes of the first song sounded, I literally shouted "AHHHHHHHHHHH!"

It has been the song I have been looking for for so many years now!

I met "him" (as I didn't know his name then),  I think, when I was in grade 6 or early high school.  My sister and I used to listen and watch his music video on TV.  I can't remember what happened then, but our TV wouldn't show any regular shows from the TV station.  It could be that was the time our antenna was damaged or the TV station couldn't get through locally.  So, for a few months, we only get to watch music videos and some movies, repeatedly.   That was the time I get to hear "him" and watched his videos repeatedly, hehehe

When the TV station regular shows came back, the music videos and movie replays disappeared.  And I never saw it again, ever since.  After some time, I forgot about it.  And at times would wonder what are the title of those songs and who is the singer.  I really liked the beat and the melody of the songs.

Then, I thought of searching it in Youtube.  But how could I? When I don't know the title of the songs.  I don't know the name of the singer.  I can't remember a single song.  All I remember are some scenes on the music videos and that the singer is so damn handsome! :-D 

So, today, now, that I finally found him.  I couldn't help but write about it.  I am so excited, I sang and dance with some of the songs.  I can't believe I still know some of the lyrics.  And could still remember some scenes on the music videos as the song is playing. Oh yeah! 

As I am writing this, I am still feeling the excitement as his songs are playing.  I have close to 1 hour of Rick Springfield.

Below is the Youtube link I accidentally clicked. :-)

And found some of his videos I used to watch on TV.  Yes!

I like his dimples here. :-D

My afternoon became a Rick Springfield day, hehehe..

It's wonderful meeting you again, Rick.  :-)

PS.  Rick is the same age with my father, born in 1949. :-D

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