Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Three Festivals - One Invitation

Which one do I choose?

Come October 2011, the Philippines celebrates 3 big festivals, 1 in Visayas and 2 in Mindanao.  The Hermosa Festival in Zamboanga City.  The Lansones Festival in Camiguin.   The Masskara Festival in Bacolod City.

Hmm.. At first glance it is hard to decide which should I choose since I have not been to any of the festivals, ever.   All of them sure spells F-U-N.   However, upon pondering with the choices, one festival outweighed the other two.  

So, which of the festivals did I choose? 


Why Masskara Festival? 

I have always been awed by the Masskara Festival of Bacolod City.   The beautiful, colorful costumes.  The varied intricate smiling masks.  I admire the creativity of the people of Bacolod in the preparation of this festival.

Not only that, I like how and why the Masskara Festival was conceived 31 years ago.  The Masskara Festival, history says, was started at a time when Bacolod was in economic crisis due to the very low prices of sugar in the world market.   Bacolod City was greatly affected because the sugar industry has been the city's main source of livelihood.    But being the City of  Smiles, the city government, the artists and the civic groups joined hands in holding a festival of smiles, in spite of the economic crisis.   This is to encourage the Bacolenos.  To lift their spirits.  To give them hope.

And this year, they are celebrating the 32nd Masskara Festival with the theme "Celebrating the New Icons of Bacolod".    It surely would be great to be part of this celebration.  To see in person the smiling faces.  The intricately designed masks.  The performances.  And just be in the midst of the festivities.  To be engulfed by the happiness the Bacolenos are feeling for surviving the crisis 31 years ago, and more - now being one of the most awarded cities in the Philippines in terms of progress and economic development.   

Be able to visit Bacolod City for the first time.  Be part of the celebrations of Masskara Festival.  And  celebrate with my husband on the month of October the 8th year anniversary of the month when I said "YES". 

Photo Sources :

I have taken the above photos from the internet.  Now, my wish is, the next time I blog about Masskara Festival, I'll be posting my own photos of the festivities.  Lots of them.  And with my husband, of course.   :-D

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