Friday, September 30, 2011

6 Personalities in Less than an Hour

It's September 30, 2011 the last day of the month.  And yet, I only have 2 posts published.  Sheesh.  Been a busy month for me.   Every time I sit in front of the computer to write a post, my brain just won't function.  I already have lots of stories in line, but still.  Arrrg!

I cannot anymore remember how I celebrated or where I was during Iligan City's fiesta, September 29, for the past so many years.  But now that I already have a blog, I will start documenting my fiesta escapades and reminisce them when I get old.   :-D

Pat, yesterday, got up very early in the morning to accompany his visitors to some places in Iligan City.  He woke me up at past 6 in the morning to hug and kiss me before leaving.   So, sweet of him.  :-)

I slept again.  Woke up 9 am.  Prepared and ate breakfast.  Then did my laundry.  

11 am.  I called Pat to ask where they are and if I can join them for lunch.   He said they're going to Bayug to shoot some lechon (roast pig) being cooked.  Then they'll go to Cathy Tan's (manager of Cheding's Peanuts) residence for lunch.  He said I can go there.  So I hurriedly prepared myself and left.  

11:40 am.  I was already in the city center.  Called up Pat to check if I can still make it to join them for lunch.  I thought of just eating lunch at the mall in case I won't be able to make it there.   But he said yes and that they have just arrive.  And then told me to hurry up because two artists from GMA 7 are eating lunch there.  It would be a good opportunity for picture taking.  :-)

Thank God I managed to arrive just in time.  Whew.   Below are the pictures of me taken by Pat with 6 personalities in the span of less than an hour. 

These personalities with me are reporters/writers and photographers from Manila.  From left, Vit, a freelance photographer for the Experience Travel and Lifestyle Magazine;  Emman, a writer for The Philippine Daily Inquirer; and, Eileen, a freelance writer/blogger for the Experience Travel and Lifestyle Magazine.  

Actually, the four of us has been together for the last 2 nights.  After work, I join them for dinner (per invitation by Pat, hehehe) and just tag along with them wherever they go.  But with the 2 nights of being together, I never got to have a photo with them.  So, during lunch, I whispered to Pat to take a photo of us.  As souvenir.  Who knows, when I'll meet them again. 

Moymoy Palaboy, GMA 7 Artists who are kind of stand-up comedians.  They have a comedy TV show.
I saw them the other night, September 28, during the Kapuso Night show.  I like their performance.  Actually, I don't  know them.  It was the first time I heard of them and seen them.  Not even on TV.  We don't have anymore TV channels at home.  We only watch movies in DVDs.  :-) 

12:10pm.   After eating lunch, we headed to the residence of Congressman Varf Belmonte (the man beside me in the photo).  Eileen, Emman and Vit were going to just make a courtesy call to the congressman and then leave for Cagayan de Oro as Emman's flight for Manila will be at 3:55 in the afternoon.

As it turned out, Secretary Gazmin (man on the far left of the photo), Secretary of the National Defense, was a visitor of congressman.  In about a minute, we were allowed to get inside and talk to congressman.  And it was also a coincidence that Sec. Gazmin and Pat are Masonic brothers.  And Eileen is also a member of  the International Order of Rainbow for Girls, an affiliate organization of the Masonic Family.  So, what was supposed to be just a minute of courtesy call turned out to be a 20-minute chat, with picture taking.  

Why was I in the picture?  Pat was holding the camera and I was just a few feet away from them.  Before clicking the shutter he ask me to join the group photo.  I hesitated at first because I know I am not an important person to be joining them.  I was embarrassed that I'd be included in the photos taken by the staff of Sec. Gazmin and Congressman Varf.  Even more embarrassing was, Congressman Varf actually turned to me and looked at me when I stood beside him.  I don't know what he's reaction was, I was too embarrassed to look at him.  What could he have been thinking then?  As I remember, Pat has not yet formally introduced me to Congressman Varf.  I am not sure if he knew who I am.  Or maybe he already has an idea since Pat was the one who asked me to join.  :-D

I would have wanted Pat to be in the picture as it would be a really good souvenir for him.  But he insisted it's ok. With me in the picture is enough for him.  Then again, I insisted and took the camera from him.

Took a candid picture with Pat while they were chatting.

Before 1:00pm.  We separated ways.  They, going to Cagayan de Oro.  I, going to Gaisano Mall and then to my parents house to have dinner with them.  :-)

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