Monday, December 31, 2012

Wild West Mine Train

I have ridden a roller coaster thrice. 

Though it is not really big.  But surely, enough to get my adrenaline rushing. :D

The Space Shuttle in Enchanted Kingdom
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The first was in 2004 in Enchanted Kingdom, Manila.   I rode it with Rene Tan, Pat's best friend.  We just had our dinner (pizza) when we passed by the Space Shuttle.  And Rene and I decided to try it.  Pat found an excuse not to ride - his stomach is very full, hehehe...  Unfortunately though, I don't have a picture of it.  And Pat forgot to take a picture of me because he was watching me screaming my lungs out from the moment the coaster started until it stopped.  He said I look so funny.  And I also had my eyes closed the whole time, hehehee... The only time I opened my eyes was in one part when we slowed down and I could feel like my spirit is being sucked out of my body.  I thought I am going to faint.  And I wondered what our position could be so I decided to look.  To my surprise, when I opened my eyes, I was staring into the sky.  We were like lying down facing the black starry sky and we were on the peak of the coaster trail.  A few seconds later I again closed my eyes as the coaster rolled back downwards.

My second coaster ride was in Disneyland, Hongkong.  It was an indoor roller coaster.  And this time I rode it with Pat. And this time I made sure I would not close my eyes.  And yes!  I was able to open my eyes the whole time. And so I was able to see - the dark. hehehe... with only some lights flashing. 

The only photo we have at the Space Mountain. 
A picture printed by the operators of the coaster ride which cost us 100 Hongkong dollars. (I think this was the most expensive item we bought in Hongkong.)  :D
Again, I am shouting at the top of my lungs, hehehe....

The third coaster ride I had was in Ocean Park.  Pat was not with me again this time.  He had to babysit the son of his niece. The boy is only 5 years and could not yet be allowed to ride the coaster.  His parents rode with me, hehehe  :-)

Jaze, the son of Pat's niece  Isn't he cute?  :-)

There's me in blue sleeveless blouse. :-)

Holding on tight to the handle bar :-)
I would have really wanted to also raise my hands like what the other riders are doing.  But didn't do it because the seat belt was a bit loose for me.  I was afraid I fall off if don't hold on to the bar.  hehehe...
Shouting at the top of my lungs!

 I think this is the part where the ride is almost over, yet I am still shouting.hahaha... :D

Pat, not being able to ride with me, was a blessing in disguise.  He was able to capture my greatest coaster ride ever, hehehe...  "Thanks for the photos Pat. Love you."

As I was falling in line with Pat's nieces to get my turn on the ride, I saw the different effects of the coaster on the riders.  Some looked so pale.  Others almost fainted.  Others can't seemed to get out of the seat anymore.  Some vomited.  As I watched them, and as my turn neared, I felt like backing out.  I don't know what could happen to me up there.  But the thrill, the adventure and the once in a lifetime experience overpowered my doubts.  I said to myself, it's now or never. hehehe...  So, I pushed through with it but made a silent prayer to God to help me get through this one ride and I will not anymore ride coasters.  Whew.  

Notice the look on my face on all the photos?  Shouting.  Yap.  I was shouting the whole time.  It was not because I am scared.  It was actually to get rid of the tension in my body.   To avoid the vomiting and dizzying episode after the ride.  
So, what happened to me after all the rolling and shouting?

Tada!  End of the ride.  All smiles now!!! :D

This photo was taken before we entered Ocean Park.
The coaster ride behind me is the Wild West Mine Train I just rode on.   I was thinking if I would be able to take a ride with it.  But.   I never thought my thoughts could become a reality.  Thanks to Pat's nieces who also wanted to try it.  So, I had company and was able to have the chance of a lifetime. :-)

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