Saturday, October 22, 2011

Preparation for Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011

Seven Days. 

In seven days will be the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 which will be held at Celadon Pensionne House, Pala-o, here in Iligan City.    It has been a very hectic past 3 months for me and the other members of the Iligan Bloggers Society as we prepare for this big event.

Identifying speakers.   Writing communication letters.  Identifying sponsors.  Writing communication letters.  Identifying items needed for the summit.  The program.  The certificates.  The tokens.  The meals.  The tour.   And meetings, meetings, meetings.  Whew.   I literally had headaches and had a fever.  Thank God, it didn't get worst.  I was back on my feet after two days.  :-)

Now, excitement has overridden the tension I was feeling.  With a few more days left and the preparations almost complete.  :-)

Iligan Bloggers Society is a young organization, less than a year old actually, first time to host an event, and a big one at that.   Yet, I am very grateful to be part of the team.   To be able to experience the fun in spite of the stress.   :-)

I pray that we'd be able to pull through this hosting and have a successful conduct of the summit.  God be with us always.  :-)

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