Sunday, September 26, 2010

My First Whitewater Rafting Experience

Finally, after a couple of years of asking my husband to go whitewater rafting with him, I have done it!   My husband have done whitewater rafting twice, one in Cagayan de Oro City and the other in Iligan City, Agus River in National Power Corporation.   After learning of his adventures I wanted to try it too.  But unfortunately, he wouldn't let me, afraid I might get hurt or get so very tired it would make me sick.  
But then a whitewater rafting was scheduled for the select city government employees and city officials after the workshop on Strategic Planning at Cagayan de Oro City.  He probably saw how excited I was to be able to finally raft.  He approved of me rafting, after a few convincing.  So, below are the photos  of my whitewater rafting experience (together with some of the employees of the city government) last September 5, 2010 at Cagayan River, Cagayan de Oro City, taken by the staff of the whitewater rafting operator, "Kagay".

A pose during the orientation of the whitewater rafting 
(I am third from left in blue shirt)

Posing for the camera while getting ready for instructions on how to paddle

The very first rapids on camera.  The video and camera man were standing on the hanging bridge above the river.

Riding on the waves of the next rapids.

On the side waiting for the video and camera man to be in their next shooting station.

Standing position on the raft.   On two rapids, the guide lets us stand to see who could withstand the waves.  I was the only one left standing when the photo was taken. 

Relax mode.  Some sightseeing in the area while listening to some stories from the guide.

Row, row, row your boat

Riding on the waves, water splashing.

Paddling, so we won't hit the wall.

A glance at the video

All seated way at the back going for the rock wall.

Hitting the rock wall.  The camera man was standing on the rock.

Back to paddling to move on to the next rapids

The second and last time when we were allowed to stand up on the raft.   We were almost the end of the course.

This time I intentionally stood up.  The third time I was standing on the raft.   We were already at the end of the course and I saw my husband taking pictures.  I waved at him.

After-rafting photo pose together with some of the co-employees and city officials

The guides would take turns pouring water on us because we need to be always wet to avoid heat stroke since the sun's heat is strong even if there are clouds in some areas.  

That was one experience I'll never forget!  I said earlier this is my first whitewater rafting, right?  So, would there be a next? Hmm... most probably.  Next time, I want to try the advance course... additional 10 long rapids, upstream!  And I'd make sure I am sitting in the front row to make it more adventurous.  Yes!  Though, only if my husband approves, hehe...

I also have a video of my whitewater rafting experience but having a hard time uploading it because it is about 27minutes long.   I'm still trying to find a way to be able to upload it.   Next time.     :-)

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